real housewives new jersey bravo danielle jillian 'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Bridge and modelIn this episode, of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Jacqueline and Dina wonder how they can avoid Danielle drama and New York Fashion Week draws the bridge and tunnel housewives to Manhattan.

Girl fights
After Jacqueline’s fight with her daughter, Ashley, in the last episode, it seems she’s feeling a little guilty about fighting in front of her Ashley’s younger brother, CJ. She spends some quality time with him to talk it out and let him know that Ashley loves him and that she doesn’t enjoy fighting with Ashley.

Meanwhile, Danielle arrives and she finds a bouquet of flowers for Christine from Jacqueline. She then starts obsessing over them and their meaning as her youngest daughter asks her if she wants some privacy. It’s so strange to see a kid with so much more sense than her parent. When she calls, Jacqueline ignores the call and Danielle leaves a very nice message. Then, she obsesses more, asks her daughter to leave the room and calls again. This time she leaves a message basically telling Jacqueline off for not coming to the luncheon. Danielle should really take the hint.

Teresa goes over to Dina’s place to talk. After a very funny scene in which Dina tries to pick the herbal tea that won’t send Teresa into labor, Dina asks her if Danielle invited her to the luncheon. Of course, she didn’t. Dina says that she told Danielle after forgiving her that she needed time before they can be friends and she wishes Danielle didn’t keep insisting they hang out. She wonders if she can ever have Danielle in her life, since drama always follows.

Caroline has a lot more free time now that her kids are grown and she’s enjoying hanging with the girls more. She goes over to Jacqueline’s place and Jacqueline tells her that Danielle is angry at her for not going to the luncheon and not being able to celebrate her kids with her. Caroline points out that Danielle didn’t even acknowledge when her new son was born, who she had a very hard time conceiving. Caroline tells her to ignore Danielle and let the calls fade away.

Back at Danielle’s place, Danielle goes over Christine’s pictures from last week’s photo shoot, again. She keeps asking Jillian if she thinks her sister is gorgeous. Danielle then starts talking about when Jillian will become a model, since she looks just like her sister. That starts a round of the girls arguing about whether they look alike.

real housewives new jersey bravo teresa melania 2 'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Bridge and modelHope for a miracle
Teresa takes her girls shopping and it’s a free for all. Melania, her youngest, is just a terror in the store (as she should be at her age). Gia is racking up the clothes. It’s crazy how much she picks out. Teresa tells her she can’t have all those clothes, but Gia isn’t putting anything back. Oh, well, she says she hopes for a boy. The economy could use her having another girl, though.

We join Dina and her “energist,” Zen Jen. Do women with too much money all have these kinds of people to chat with? What happened to therapists? She tells her that she doesn’t know what to do about Danielle and she needs to find out how to get the drama out of her life. Zenji, as I will now call her, tells her she should just tell Danielle that she doesn’t want to be friends and it has nothing to do with her. That’s a lie, but Zenji tells her she should do it. Really spiritual, Zenji.

Over at Danielle’s place, she’s having a chat with her realtor. Her realtor contacted Danielle’s ex to see if he could help with some of the house renovations in order to prep it for selling. He says no, so Danielle decides to take her house off the market. She decides moving would be more problematic and expensive than just staying put.

Dinner and TMI
Teresa throws a dinner to celebrate Gia’s New York Fashion Week debut. Caroline and her son Albie go over to help celebrate. Teresa’s husband is late, so the girls entertain. When her husband arrives, Teresa gives him some grief about being so late. She then points out that they’re a traditional couple, but cute. For example, they have sex every day, sometimes twice. Cute.

You shut up. And, you sit down.
On the way to Bryant Park, Joe makes fun of Gia. He tells her she’s ugly and she’s walking down the ugly catwalk. Teresa is laughing along until she realizes that Gia is a big ball of tears in the backseat. Yo, shut up already, Joe. The girl has had enough.

Once in the tent and it’s just Teresa and Gia, things get better. Teresa is even able to get Gia to laugh. After Caroline and Jacqueline go backstage to say hi, Teresa finds one of the magazines with Christine on the cover. Then Danielle, via interview, says she predicts that Teresa will be very mean and jealous. Quite the opposite, though. Teresa shows Gia the cover and says, “Doesn’t she look pretty?” That’s a big difference from when Danielle trashed Gia in the last episode for not being model material. Maybe Danielle will see the difference, too?

real housewives new jersey bravo gia 'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Bridge and modelFinally, it’s Gia’s show time and she takes that runway like a pro! I love that she brought Jacqueline to tears and her father couldn’t be happier for her. That girl has a lot of people who love her.

Over at IMG, Christine is getting some last minute walking instructions, but Danielle can’t just sit and watch. She gets up and stands at the end of the hall and critiques Christine. Hello, Danielle, you aren’t the model coach. You, sit down. You were barely a model yourself. In the end, Christine has had enough and refuses to continue the lesson. Good for her. Although that’s a bit unprofessional, maybe Danielle won’t stick her nose into it next time. That’s too much to ask, huh?

real housewives new jersey bravo christine 'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Bridge and modelWhen she gets to the tents, Christine is pretty calm for a girl doing her first runway walk. Then, after the walk, the girls have to stand out on the runway and pose. I’m not sure, but I can imagine that standing there in 6-inch heels for almost a half hour can’t be easy. Poor Christine, who only ate a few pieces of fruit before the show, is sweating and she begins to complain that she feels like vomiting. Meanwhile, Danielle talks about flying all over the world with her. Then, finally someone gets Christine off the runway. I felt so bad for her. Thankfully, Danielle went back to help and she did her best to assure Christine that she did a fabulous job. Danielle gets mothering points for that.

What did you think of the Jersey stage moms, Danielle and Teresa?

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