Daniellestaub "You're coming into my life, I want to know who you are… I'm gonna investigate."

Those who've been keeping up with "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" — not just the episodes, but the promos too — know that these are the words of cast member Caroline Manzo, who was speaking to the camera about fellow cast mate Danielle Staub.

There's been talk of kidnapping, stripping, husband-stealing and more surrounding miss Danielle… And, unlike the often misleading promos on ABC, it seems Bravo's scenes-from-the-next-ep are — at least in this case — right on track.

According to the New Jersey Star-Ledger anyway.

The newspaper somehow got ahold of the out-of-print book, "Cop Without a Badge" — we saw it in last week's previews — which allegedly tells the true story of dear old Danielle whose real name is apparently "Beverly Merrill."

According to the book, botox-loving Beverly Merrill (aka phone sex-having Danielle Staub) was arrested in the 80s on kidnapping charges after she and a drug dealing friend abducted a client who couldn't pay his narcotics tab. They tried to extort ransom money from their victim's father, which didn't quite work out the way they'd hoped. Luckily, the subject of the book (the "cop without a badge") was able to get the charges dropped and Danielle/Beverly later married him… though he was already married when they met.

The book also claims Danielle Staub/Beverly Merrill was a stripper, known to have slept with more than a thousand dudes.

Oh, also, she doesn't like to wear underwear I guess.

Poor Dani– er, Bev. Poor Bev.


Beverly Merrill's mug shot after her 1986 arrest. From "Cop Without a Badge."

I don't know. None of this stuff really surprises me. So, she was an even bigger loon in her 20s than she is now, so what? She hung out with a guy who dealt drugs and she danced naked for money? Big deal.

I mean, if these accusations were pointed at, say, Teresa, I'd probably raise an eyebrow. But Danielle? I mean, have you seen the show?

Can't wait for Tuesday to actually watch what happens…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh