real housewives of new jersey mellisa gorga snapping fingers 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 6 episode 12: Date nightSo many of the entertaining qualities of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” (and any other show in the franchise) have nothing to do with what the audience may or may not know about what is happening in real life with the couples. If something substantial leaks, the drama of the show usually overcomes that knowledge to maintain a fun atmosphere. 
With both Guidices recently receiving extended prison sentences for wire and bankruptcy fraud, however, it is hard to push that knowledge out of mind while watching Teresa and Joe have date night and dote on their daughters during this week’s episode, “Pack Your Bags and Get Out!” (Oct. 5). 
Watching how much the girls adore their parents yet have no idea the crimes they committed and the penalties imminent is heartbreaking and almost instills some pity for the Giudices — but not quite. The show wants us to forget what we know about the sentencing and focus on the love they have for one another, but that can’t fully happen. In order for any of the involved families to seem sympathetic again, the show needs to confront the issue head on when the time comes instead of only including veiled references of the situation from the other wives. 
Jacqueline and Chris’ date night is more joy-filled than Teresa and Joe’s dinner, with the couple thinking back on the early days in their relationship and the most positive moments rather than their current struggles. Jacqueline has long been the most calm of the housewives and when she cracks at dinner thinking of her son’s health issues it is heartwarming instead of manipulative. 
Meanwhile, everyone else clinks champagne glasses and vacations on the water in Florida, but not without a boatload of drama (pun intended. Not even sorry about it.). Amber and Jim barely make it a few days into the vacation without causing a scene and getting kicked out of the vacation home by Dina, who seems like the only responsible adult for the duration of the trip. 
Watching adults behave like children is only fun for so long before it gets embarrassing for all parties involved. Bobby and Joe jumping dangerously off a boat and then faux-drowning for the entertainment of their wives is an example of the men acting like fools and thinking they are far funnier than they actually are.  
With most of the inter-family drama on the back burner at the moment, this episode struggled to bring any lasting fireworks but instead set the stage with small spats for more intense future drama within the group.
Watch Bobby and Joe goof off below, and let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments.

Posted by:Whitney McIntosh