teresa-giudice-joe-giudice-greg-real-housewives-of-new-jersey-bravo.jpgTeresa Giudice’s husband, Joe, has a history of making offensive comments about gay people on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” so having him as a guest at Caroline Manzo’s brother Jaime’s wedding to his partner, Rich, on Sunday’s (June3) episode probably isn’t the best idea — despite Teresa’s declaration that “Joe’s not anti-gay … we love the gays.”

So surely Jacqueline Laurita and the rest of the gang can’t be that surprised when Joe tells the story of “the gayest thing I did when I was a kid” upon meeting Jaime and Rich at their home outside Chicago. He then regales the group with a story of how he and his childhood friend once compared the size of their manhood.

“We both have our penises out like two gays,” he says, laughing — to two gay men.

Later when the group is taking a bus back to their hotel, Joe tells the Manzos’ family friend, Greg — who is gay — “You’ve probably got the loosest butthole here.” He laughs, as does Teresa, but later apologizes when he sees Greg is irked.

Do you think Joe’s comments were offensive?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper