real housewives bravo alex kelly 'Real Housewives of New York': An Alex works in BrooklynIt was back-to-back parties and drama on “The Real Housewives of New York City” as Bethenny dealt with sad news about her father, Alex and Jill took their fight to every bar and cocktail party in Manhattan.

Alex, you’re surrounded
Finally, LuAnn’s charity cocktail party is here! It’s at Sonja’s house, since she so graciously offered to host the shindig. While Sonja gets ready, LuAnn goes down to greet the guests. Who should come by, but Alex! Of course, LuAnn has to lecture her about how she delivered the message to Jill in the last episode. She also catches me off-guard when she tells Alex that she should remain impartial. Impartial? Like you, LuAnn? All you’ve done is snicker, plot and wave your judgmental finger at Bethenny!

real houswives bravo luann alex 'Real Housewives of New York': An Alex works in BrooklynThis is one of those moments where you have to appreciate Alex’s self-control. Any other cast member wouldn’t think twice about letting LuAnn know that possibly what happened with the message wasn’t all about Bethenny. But, fine, LuAnn has the upper hand here, because it’s true Alex could have handled things differently in the last episode. LuAnn’s lack of self-reflection still irks me, though.

Sonja makes her grand entrance and it’s just funny how much attention one woman needs. I do have to appreciate her take on all the drama at the party. “Who wants a boring party,” she asks. Well, no worries at this one, Sonja! Soon after she makes her entrance, Jill shows up. The entire room seemed to look over, feeling the cold air climb the walls. Of course, we can count on Kelly, who arrived with Jill, to be totally clueless about her surroundings, asking LuAnn if she should put her name on the bags holding her clothing donations. They’re not going back home with you, Kelly.

When Jill reaches Alex, the tension between the two was hilarious. It was like when a dog doesn’t want to look at their owner and sort of tilts their head away. Jill was trying to not look at Alex straight on. She finally said hello and they sort of both did the verbal equivalent of sticking a toe in the water. Oh, cold!

I can’t believe how well Jill plays the victim. First, she honed in on the “get a hobby” message and squeezed that dry. Now, she’s milking this thing with Alex for all its worth, as well. She says in her interview, that her “wounds are wide open.” Wow.

real houswives bravo alex bobby 'Real Housewives of New York': An Alex works in BrooklynOutside, even Bobby gets in on the action. Where’s Simon when you need him? He tells Alex that she really hurt Jill and it wasn’t her fight to get involved in. By the way, Bobby, you should lay off the bronzer.

Anyway, I’m still processing what I think about Alex’s decision to give the message to Jill the way she did. On the one hand, I thought it wasn’t her message to give and Bethenny shouldn’t have asked her to do it. Second, she probably should have found another way to deliver it. On the other hand, Jill has been really awful to her. I doubt that if Jill’s daughter were a toddler if she would be able to say anything at all about Alex’s kids’ behavior.

Now, what about Jill’s tearful confessional to Kelly? She basically admitted that she didn’t hear Bethenny out and she regrets it. I love when she said that she couldn’t talk to Bethenny at Ramona’s house, because she felt ambushed and she didn’t have her notes! She prepared notes?

Then, it was like she never learned a thing from her fight with Bethenny. Here she is saying she never heard Bethenny out and she never really talked to her. Then, when Alex offers to hash it out with her, she says they have nothing to talk about? Hm, history repeats itself.

Out to Gotham
I think it’s kind of hilarious to have a party revolving around one silly article that Kelly wrote. But, that’s where the gals are this evening. Everyone is coming except Bethenny. When Alex arrives, she’s no joke. She tells Simon to stay between her and Jill. He nods, but once he’s in that bar, it’s par-tay time. She turns around and he’s sitting between Jill and the other housewives’ legs. What?

LuAnn brought a “date.” He’s sort of creepy and has highlighted hair, but a date nonetheless. He asks her out again, so that they can get to know each other and she declares a big, desperate yes.

Meanwhile, Alex sits on the end of the bench with the other housewives and Jill fakes it up by saying hello to her, kissing her and saying it’s good to see her. Alex can’t take the hypocrisy and she quickly leaves. Jennifer points out that she has never met so many women with so many issues. You haven’t seen anything yet, new girl.

Around the same time, LuAnn and her date decide to leave. Jennifer says LuAnn’s date has bad hair and he’s gay! This new housewife is a winner.

Wedding blues
Ramona’s designer comes over to fit her dress for the renewal ceremony. When she decides to get her daughter’s opinion, Avery just sits there with her lips sealed. I’m pretty sure if the designer weren’t there, she would have ripped on that dress. She did say in an interview that it was simple on top but then at the bottom it had this strange feather explosion. While I agree with her on the dress, I do wonder if Avery needs to relax a bit. She’s way too tightly wound for a young girl. It’s hilarious when the designer presents Avery with the blue samples for her maid of honor dress. She’s so not excited by the process at all. Oh, and she doesn’t want to look like a crystal ball. I think it’s safe to assume she won’t have feathers on her dress.

We time
The gals take a day to go to LuAnn’s Yoga spa and it was actually a nice time to hear them open up about their divorces. Sonja said that there was something protective about being in that room that allowed them to do that.

Bethenny is in L.A. visiting her father. We join her and Jason outside and she says that it was important for her to do it, so that she can move on. I think she felt good about getting her father to admit that she tried to work on their relationship her whole life and she feels she can shut the door on all that now.

Can I get the floor?
Ramona took Sonja and Jill to The Four Seasons for lunch, because she had an important question to ask them. After shutting them up, Ramona asked if they’d attend her “non-bachelorette” getaway to the Virgin Islands. Sonja is a clear yes, but Jill doesn’t think she can handle a few days with Bethenny and Alex. I thought it was really smart of Ramona to bring Jill out with Sonja. They sort of balanced each other out. Still, Jill was weary of saying yes. I agree with Ramona that Jill was coming off selfish. It doesn’t help that in her interview she belittled the ceremony occurring at 17 years (not a major anniversary) and then she said that anyone married to Ramona should be celebrated for getting through 17 years with her. Meow. In the end, she didn’t really commit, but I think Ramona is still hopeful.

Ramona’s message
real houswives bravo jill kelly luann 'Real Housewives of New York': An Alex works in BrooklynJennifer Gilbert throws a small party for the gals, but Ramona
brings sad news. Bethenny’s father passed away that morning. After she gets the news out, Jill jumps all over her for not telling her. I have to say I’m a bit confused by this entire scene. There’s a bit of theatre in the way that Jill is reacting to the news. The same kind of theatre she put on when Alex told her Bethenny’s message. Part of Jill’s problem, I think, is that she finds it hard to accept that Bethenny, her former close friend (“like a sister” as she describes it), is having all these life-changing events and she isn’t part of it. Instead, she has to hear from Ramona and Alex. She can’t be there for Bethenny, but she can lash out at those who are now close to her. The problem is Jill had her chances to patch it up before this point. It may just be too little, too late.

Then, Alex arrives and Jill says hello. In keeping with how Alex has had zero tolerance for Jill’s hypocrisy these days, she decides to just give it to her. It turns out Jill texted her earlier that day telling her that Bethenny’s father passed. Quick question: Why all the drama with Ramona over not telling her about the death? It sounds like you already knew, Jill. So, Alex lets Jill know that she has had enough of her gossiping and insults. I loved Alex’s line about Jill being in high school and Alex being in Brooklyn WORKING. In the end, I’m not sure one word sunk in. At least, Alex was able to tell Jill just how unrelated to Bethenny her problems with her are.

Were you rooting for Alex or sympathizing with Jill?

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