real-housewives-new-york-recap-fashion-fights.jpgIn this episode of the “The Real Housewives of New York City,” the women decide it’s time to confront each other in the most inappropriate places possible (and we love it).

Three B’s: Boyfriend, booze and books

Jason comes by and Bethenny tells him what went down with Jill at the fashion show in the last episode. When she tells him that LuAnn lectured her about the voice message, he was shocked that Jill is playing it for others. She thinks the damage is irreparable with Jill. She’s also says she’s done with LuAnn, who she thinks needs to mind her own business.

Jason then tells her that they should look for a new place and that before they move in, he will give her a commitment. Yikes.

Fights are in fashion
Kelly and LuAnn go to the Pamela Rolland fashion show. Kelly asks LuAnn how she should introduce her to people. Um, hello, it’s Countess. We went over this last season with Bethenny and the limo driver. Speaking of Bethenny, guess who shows up to the show? She greets the girls with kisses and LuAnn wonders if Bethenny is doing some show hopping. Bethenny considers it a dig at her. When she tries to confront LuAnn, she doesn’t want to talk about it. Bethenny could care less what LuAnn wants and goes right for it. LuAnn tells her that she acted as if nothing happened with Jill at the last fashion show, which was wrong. Oh. Bethenny just told LuAnn that she doesn’t like her or trust her. Oh, and that she’s a snake! Boom! Struck by the comments, LuAnn tells her that she’s nasty and has a foul mouth. She then calls Bethenny a nasty skank under her breath to Kelly. Really, “Class-less”? Clueless Kelly then moved seats and had the two women sit next to each other. Awkward.

Later, Ramona takes her daughter, Avery, to another fashion show for the first time. Ramona isn’t too happy to see Kelly and for good reason. Kelly decides to confront her regarding not being invited to her labor party. Ramona says she didn’t want any conflict between her and Bethenny, which is a pretty good reason. Kelly heard: I didn’t want you to come. That’s about right, too.

After the show, Kelly tells Ramona that she’s bringing Jill to meet a certain annoying gossip columnist and Ramona decides to call her out on not inviting her. In response, Kelly invites Ramona to the party. I’m sure she didn’t think she would accept. It’s Ramona, hello! So strange how Ramona shoved her daughter into a cab alone and sent her home. The look on that girl’s face will make Ramona regret she did that when she sees the episode, I’m sure.

At the party, Kelly decides to fill Jill and Ramona in on what happened at the last fashion show. I wish I had audio of the shrill sound Kelly used to describe LuAnn and Bethenny fighting. It was like a tribal fight yell. Of course, as Ramona so adeptly pointed out, Jill interrupted Kelly to tell her what she had heard from LuAnn. Then, Jill filled Ramona in and she says she really doesn’t want to get involved, though she’d love to hear Bethenny’s side. Do I see Ramona setting up a meeting with her soon?

Are we the crips and the bloods?
Bethenny has a Fashion Week event where she’s making Skinny Girl margaritas and Alex shows up. Right away, Bethenny pulls her aside to talk about what went down with LuAnn. Alex tells her about the dig Jill and LuAnn dealt her regarding her son crawling up some guy’s leg. Then, Kelly surprisingly shows up. It’s crazy that Bethenny and Kelly are relatively better friends than Bethenny and Jill currently are. I thought that was really adult of Kelly to show up at the event. In the end, the two former foes seemed to have a mutual understanding. We can be cool, but we can’t trust each other ever.

Mommy dearest
Jill is doing a photo shoot with her mother and sister for the book they co-wrote, Secrets of a Jewish Mother. By the way, how good does Jill look in the all black with the animal print belt? Pretty gorgeous look for her. Jill’s mother is being a diva on the set, but she deserves her moment. She’s old. Only her facelift is young.

Drinks before digging
Oh, and here we are: Ramona and Bethenny are meeting for drinks. Did I call it? They’re not even seated for dinner yet, but Ramona digs for info. Bethenny tells her that the thing with Jill was all about nothing and now it has grown into a whole other huge ordeal. Ramona is playing the impartial card and Bethenny isn’t happy that she’s just digging for information, but not offering any sort of take on it.

Saks or get sacked
Jill is hosting a party at Saks for Fashion Week and she has invited her girlfriends. While Jill is getting ready, her mother offers LuAnn some advice on handling her divorce (which was official that day). I’ll forgive the kissing up to the Countess that’s happening, because of the divorce news. Next episode, the gloves come back off. Ramona appeared and she starts ripping into Jill via her interviews. First, she says she’s shocked that the event is at Saks, since she thought Jill was banned for returning too many clothes after she had worn them. Ouch. Then, she starts trashing the silver dress Jill is wearing! Wow.

Kelly then showed up dressed like a Flintstone character. Alex and Simon showed up and he starts getting slammed right away for attending the all female event. Oh my gosh, did LuAnn just say, “Darling, one has to work, right?” in the most condescending tone possible after Alex mentioned something she was doing for a client? Love how Simon then brought up Mario knowing it would bother LuAnn, but refused to repeat what Mario said. Ramona’s sonar went off when she heard her husband’s name and she appeared out of nowhere. Ooh, then Ramona tells Alex and Simon that LuAnn didn’t want her to invite them to her Labor Day party! OK, Ramona, nice instigation. I love how she keeps impersonating LuAnn saying “Dahling, Dahling.” I just love it.

Alex decides to talk to Jill about what she said about Francois. Then, Jill threw LuAnn under the bus. But, um, we saw what happened last week. Jill brought up the story, even though it was LuAnn’s story to tell. So, right there Jill is caught in a lie. Then, poor Alex starts to cry. I feel so bad for her, because it’s clear that the Francois incident was just the latest jab from Jill, but she was going to use it as a way to get her anger out. Now that Jill isn’t owning up to it, Alex isn’t getting the bang she wanted. Then, Jill passed Alex onto LuAnn and just left Alex bewildered.

We’re not done, yet. Kelly needs to leave early and Ramona brings up that she always pulls that. “Why come at all,” she asks.

Then LuAnn told Ramona that her divorce was finalized that day and Ramona should be nice to her. I love that LuAnn is getting some mileage out of that. Again, I’m keeping the gloves on here.

Ramona, who is unable to make fun of LuAnn anymore, moves back to Kelly. She mentions that she read that Kelly had her breasts done (again) before the Playboy shoot. Kelly played it off well, but it’s clear she was bothered by it. Later, Kelly and LuAnn chalk it up to jealousy. When Kelly decides to say goodbye to Jill, she finds her standing next to Ramona. So, Kelly tells her that if she were her mother, she’d be embarrassed of her. Damn.

Is it sick that after all that has happened, I yearn to watch a scene when all the housewives are together? I don’t need them to like each other, but I’m growing impatient with the constant side meetings the wives are

Are you starting to feel pulled in all directions?

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