Bethenny-frankel-real-housewives-new-york-city-bravo-main.jpgAfter you watch tonight’s  “Real Housewives of New York City” premiere, you’ll totally understand why Jill Zarin told Zap2it this season was like “opposite day.”

It’s crazy how much has changed in the time between last season and this one. The Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is “Count-less.” Ramona Singer is inviting Alex McCord to parties. And Kelly Killoren Bensimon actually speaks in recognizable sentences.

The biggest shocker for us was the extent that Jill and Bethenny Frankel aren’t BFFs anymore. That’s hardly a spoiler. Anyone with an Internet connection knows that the women have let their squabbles go public.

So, just how did Bethenny end up going from friend to villain? We decided to chart her transformation over the seasons.

In Season 1, Bethenny was a girl with dreams and she was planting the seeds for a rather ambitious plan to make herself a brand. Back then, she was like the chorus in a Shakespearean play. She always said what the audience was thinking.

For an example, check out the clip below as she calls Alex and Simon out for their pretentiousness:

In Season 2, Frankel was hitting her stride. Her Skinny Girl margarita was beginning to pick up steam, she was adding more food to the product line and she was working on her book deal. Despite all that, she wasn’t above standing around in a supermarket selling her healthy wares to suburbanites that could care less.

That was the season Kelly joined and really rubbed us and Bethenny the wrong way.

Check out the clip below as Frankel shows she can take it as well as dish it out:

Season 2 was also when we first saw Bethenny’s relationship with Jill begin to show cracks. Ramona would say that Jill was starting to figure out that Bethenny was no longer the “underdog.”

In the scene below, we see the first “signage” of things to come:

In tonight’s Season 3 premiere, we meet a new Bethenny. She’s dating a handsome new Jason (her previous boyfriend had the same first name, remember? Strange) and she can’t get through three sentences without mentioning him. Her book, “Naturally Thin,” was a New York Times bestseller, and her Skinny Girl brand has caught on.

Recently, she made headlines when she released the original version of her touched up naked PETA photo. In tonight’s premiere, she takes transparency to another level.

Check out the behind the scenes on the PETA shoot below (NSFW):

It’s clear from tonight’s premiere that the phrase “get a hobby” plays a pivotal role in the breakdown of Bethenny and Jill’s relationship. 

In this scene from later in the season, the two go head to head over the comment:

Bethenny not only ruffles Jill’s feathers. Some of the other housewives look like they’re down for a Bethenny brawl.

LuAnn seems to have some leftover beef and in tonight’s premiere she makes sure Bethenny knows:

Needless to say Bethenny has become quite the odd woman out this season and it’s clear to us why some say it may be her last season.

She does have her own Bravo reality show, “Bethenny’s Getting Married” this year. And we wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of this one, the other housewives are chasing her out with torches, baby bump and all.

Are you surprised that Bethenny has become the villain or did you see it coming?

Season 3 of “The Real Housewives of New York City” premieres tonight Thu. March 4 at 11/10C on Bravo.

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