ramona singer real housewives of new york city 7 2 bravo 'Real Housewives of New York': Did Ramona Singer deserve to get 'Mean Girl' d out of Heather Thomson's London trip?Monday’s (July 2) “The Real Housewives of New York City” brought more of the same between Ramona Singer and Heather Thomson: Heather still isn’t inviting Ramona on her ladies’ trip to London, and Ramona still thinks Heather talks too much.

Regardless of whether Heather should invite Ramona on a trip she’s planning for all of the other gals in the group, she is right about one thing — she and Ramona don’t jive. But does that mean Heather should exclude Ramona from the trip?

In Countess LuAnn de Lesseps’ blog post this week, she writes, “I admire that Heather is standing her ground and deciding for herself whether or not to invite Ramona to London. She has every right to invite whom she likes and to have a fun girls trip without the constant pressure of appeasing Ramona.”

She adds, “I think Sonja [Morgan] summed it up best when she said, ‘You can’t always be invited to the birthday party.'”

Meanwhile, Aviva Drescher, who tries to play the peacemaker on Monday’s episode, writes on her own blog, “In general I am not fond of cliques, groups, or exclusion of any kind. While I understand that Heather was offended by Ramona, in this case, I am not sure the punishment fit the crime. In my opinion, it was a huge statement to exclude one person out of six on a trip. I would sooner have an unpleasant trip or feel uncomfortable before hurting someone’s feelings.”

Do you think Heather was right to not invite Ramona? 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper