real-housewives-new-york-recap-bravo-jill.jpgIn this episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Bethenny finds that while some people can bury the hatchet easily, others have plenty more axes to grind.

The company you keep
Bethenny discovers a New York Daily News gatecrasher story saying her relationships with the other housewives are non-existent. It focuses on her increasingly bad blood with Jill. It especially noted that Bethenny wasn’t invited to Jill’s party from the last episode at Saks. She thinks Jill leaked the story. Hmmm.

Then, she gets a tweet from the gossip columnist who should not be named and he’s basically instigating a fight between the two. I’m so excited she called him a “termite.” It is the perfect way to refer to him. In the end, Bethenny decides it’s time to speak with Jill.

Kelly has the vapors
Kelly does an interview to go alongside her Playboy shoot. She’s totally into the journalist and won’t stop flirting with the guy. Wow. Oy, and here I thought Kelly was starting to make sense this season. I’m not even sure if she’s speaking English right now. Then, the guy asks her out on a date. Wow. On-camera, dude? He should use term “journalist” loosely from now on.

Fashion fair
LuAnn’s daughter is showing some propensity for clothing design. So, LuAnn tells her they should get her an internship with a designer. This segue’s into LuAnn’s explanation why she can’t afford find a new apartment in the city. Then, her daughter asks her if she’s dating, which is especially kind of her daughter to ask her about. She knows LuAnn is lonely and that her father has moved on, so she’s throwing her a bone. LuAnn, grab the bone. Heh.

Ally is doing a prom dress shoot for Seventeen magazine. Jill brought Kelly in, so that she can help with the modeling instruction. But Kelly was so unnecessary. Jill is totally being a stage mom, but I’m so glad that Ally had a great time. Kelly then tells Jill about how she picked up the journalist who interviewed her. Jill goes Jewish mother on her and starts asking her about his stats. Once she hears that he’s 37 and never married, a red flag goes up for Jill. I’d have to agree.

Alex is serving on the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend board and she had asked all the other housewives if they’d participate except… Jill and LuAnn! She’s still not over the comments they made about her kids. Something tells me excluding them is not going to help! Then, Bethenny very sneakily mentioned the Saks party. Clueless Kelly starts yapping about the party. Then, Ramona gets into it with Kelly regarding mentioning her possible breast job. Kelly actually gave her an out, but Ramona still didn’t let down.

Then, Bethenny brought up the article and Ramona says she hates being in the middle of her and Jill’s fight. Kelly stays silent, but in her interview she says that she can’t stand hearing Bethenny acting so innocent and she just wants to leave. To her credit, she then speaks up and tells Bethenny that she’s doing the same thing to Jill that she did to her last year. Alex puts an end to it. Just when I was thinking she was  outmatched in this group, she quite calmly put an end to the bickering and refocused the group back on Brooklyn Fashion Weekend.

Just then, Simon arrives and Ramona is just over the moon, hugging him, telling him they needed him. Oh my, Ramona, get a room.

I have to agree with Bethenny that the Brooklyn fashion that was presented left something to be desired. Then, they found a designer they liked. Ramona and Alex left to try on some dresses, so Kelly took the opportunity to continue her talk with Bethenny. She’s basically saying she doesn’t care and she does care at the same time about the things Bethenny said about her last season. Kelly, which one is it? Finally, they come to the conclusion that they’re going to reinstate the truce. How long will that last?

real housewives new york recap bravo ramona 'Real Housewives of New York': Jill has an axe to grindRenewal, renewal, renewal
Ramona meets up with her friend, Joanie, and talks about her renewal (again). Before long, Ramona starts explaining what life was like with her father. “It was a war zone,” she says. In her adulthood, she avoided visiting her mother, because she didn’t want to see her father. Mario suggested that she invite him for Christmas, because she doesn’t want to regret not seeing him before he passes. She ended up making peace with him at Christmas and two weeks later he died. She says that’s when her renewal started. I’m very happy for Ramona, crazy Cameron Diaz wannabee, Ramona.

How quickly they turn
Back at her home, Kelly talks about the cute journalist again. It seems like in hindsight she has realized that it wouldn’t be good mixing business with pleasure. Jill then emailed Kelly after hearing that she made friendly with Bethenny. Basically, she tells her that she can’t be friends with Bethenny and remain friends with her. Kelly is taken aback by the thinly veiled threat and resolves to speak with Jill about it.

Who’s to blame?
Luann comes over to Jill’s place, since she has business in the city. Meanwhile, Bethenny decides to call Jill to talk about what’s going on. She decides to put Bethenny on speaker phone, so that LuAnn can hear. And even though LuAnn tries to get Jill to lie about having other people in the room, Jill decides not to. That was very classy, LuAnn. To paraphrase something Bethenny said during my interview with her, Jill is obviously not in a place of “Yes”, but rather a place of “F.” It’s clear that she doesn’t want to work on their friendship and she’s holding a huge grudge. I really feel that instead of realizing that Bethenny was trying to work on the relationship, Jill just wanted to get all the thoughts out that she was feeling all that time and hadn’t said yet. It was sad to see Bethenny in tears. And when Jill was accusing her of having anger issues, that was a bit of projection in my opinion. Don’t you think?

I do think that Bethenny should have tried harder to reach out when Bobby was sick. I also think that Jill needs to listen to herself talk and take her own advice. Bethenny is clearly trying to reach out, but Jill can’t let go of her grudge.

Whose side do you agree with? Bethenny or Jill’s?

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