jill zarin g 500 'Real Housewives of New York': Jill Zarin talks Team Kelly, daughter's 'Jersey Shore' connectionJill Zarin, the redheaded society lady about town on “The Real Housewives of New York City,” certainly never lacks for anything to say.

The third season of Bravo’s reality series set in the Big Apple premieres on Thursday, March 4 at 11 p.m. ET/PT, and it appears that there will be a bizarro realignment of friendships. Bye-bye Team Bethenny, and hello Team Kelly.

The articulate and charming Jill opened up to Zap2it and revealed her thoughts about her fellow housewives — the good and the bad.

]]>Can you comment on your tense estrangement from former BFF Bethenny Frankel?
“It wasn’t just one thing, as you will see as the story unravels. It really was an accumulation that went on over a long period of time. But there was a final straw where I finally said, ‘OK, I’m done, I can’t take it anymore.’ It’s really painful. I will always love Bethenny. Always. I say it in my book [‘Secrets of a Jewish Mother’]. No matter what happens, I invested two or three years of my life with her, and I don’t just walk away from things. We may not be friends right now, but from my point of view, that doesn’t mean it’s irreparable.” And now you have close relationships this season with ‘The Countess’ and Kelly?
“I’ve always been close with LuAnn, and yes, we are still very close. And as I say in episode one, if I can have one wish for the season, it’s for everyone to give Kelly a chance. Judge her how you judge her, but at least give her 14 weeks to show you the good, the bad and the ugly. I feel just as guilty that I didn’t do that last season. I judged her based on what other people told me, not on what I witnessed. I was very influenced by Bethenny and what she thought about [Kelly], and that was wrong. I admit it. But I think she is going to show you a different side this season.” What do you think of Kelly’s Playboy spread?
“I admit that I can be a little judgmental, but in this case — and maybe I am being a hypocrite — but it just doesn’t bother me. Kelly is a model and her body is her canvas. Doing Playboy is not so far off the mark from doing a lingerie ad or other modeling. She does have a beautiful body, and as long as she is OK with it in her own family, who are we to judge? I actually am very proud of her. Her ex-husband took the photo shoot, so it was an intimate, personal event for her. I just think it’s fine.” What’s your take on the Countess’ new recording projects?
“I am beyond thrilled. It’s her passion. When I met LuAnn she was literally singing that night. She loves Broadway, loves theater and she has a very pretty voice. She wrote a great song that … [was] inspired by her book ‘Class With the Countess.’ It reminds me of ‘Tardy for the Party,’ and the people who bought that will buy this one. It’s a great dance song, with a great beat, but more important, it’s what she loves. She never would have found her voice if she hadn’t been on this show and that’s the truth. Really, I mean, who would have bought it, because she was an unknown? [Being on this show] is a gift, and hopefully we’re trying to do good things with it. I’m always trying to give back, mainly because of  the Jewish guilt I grew up with.” jill zarin real housewives of new york 250 'Real Housewives of New York': Jill Zarin talks Team Kelly, daughter's 'Jersey Shore' connectionIs there any truth to a news story that Alex and Simon won’t be back next season?
“The truth is that story was just a rehash of news that already has been published. There was nothing new in there. It is a fact that there are two new housewives on the show this season, Jennifer Gilbert and Sonja Morgan, and that would make eight, which clearly is probably too many. We know Bethenny is leaving at the end of this season, so there is a chance that one person will get dropped. It could be one of the two new ones. We don’t know anything yet. I think that must have been a slow news day and everyone was excited because the show is coming back.” Did your daughter Allyson’s weight issues lead you to participate in the Sundance panel on childhood obesity?
“It had a little bit [to do with it]. But Allyson was there because she came with her mommy to Sundance. She really wanted to come, because the Creative Coalition is a really great organization that promotes different issues in Hollywood. Obesity is just a huge issue with kids. I have a 17-year-old, and weight has always been a big issue in our house, for our whole family. As a person in the media now, on a reality show, I think it’s important to show my face in support of how television may be able to influence kids in a good or bad way. It’s very frustrating for me to listen to all the political rhetoric. I am very passionate on the subject of school lunches, because I think public schools don’t do a good enough job giving healthy choices to our kids. Most of America lives paycheck to paycheck without a lot of money, and it’s much cheaper to feed children unhealthy food and fruits and vegetables which we all know are more expensive. At least if we give the kids that one healthy meal a day, we are giving them a head start. It’s also important to develop a taste for broccoli and things like that when you’re younger.” Would you allow Allyson to date one of the “Jersey Shore” guidos?
“No, because Allyson is only allowed to date Jewish boys. If you don’t have kids, it’s not that big a deal, but my daughter hopefully is going to have a family and I just think it’s much easier to marry within the same religion. If I were Catholic, I’d tell her she has to marry a Catholic boy. But she actually did try to reach out to The Situation [Michael Sorrentino] on Twitter.” Team NeNe or Team Kim (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”)?
“I have gone back and forth with that, although I think they are on the same team now. I like both women at different times, just as I am sure people like or don’t like me at different times. And I really love the song ‘Tardy for the Party.'” Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz.

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