real-housewives-bravo-ramona.jpgIn this episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Ramonacoaster continues her reign of terror and we meet the new housewife, Sonja Morgan.

Meet the new housewife
LuAnn goes to visit her friend, Sonja, who as it turns out is the new housewife. The funny thing is she has a picture of Max in her house. Max is the guy Kelly was dating (and I think he’s really just her friend with benefits, but you didn’t hear that from me). And then suddenly we see the following:

Most awkward introduction ever. Nice editing, Bravo! LuAnn is there to get donations for her charity and Sonja has a lot of clothing to give. She just keeps piling on the designer clothes. I love that she says she wants to get by with less stuff and then Bravo gives us a shot of her huge Manhattan place. That makes up for the crazy intro video that just got shoved in. Sonja offers her place to LuAnn for her charity event, so it sounds like we’ll be back.

Second thoughts on Bethenny?
At last week’s Ramona/Bethenny ambush, Bethenny gave Jill a card for Bobby. Supposedly she gave him the card without reading it. I doubt that’s true. After all, she’s the same person who put Bethenny on speakerphone, so that LuAnn can listen in on a private phone call. Bobby tells her that the note was nice and he mentions that maybe one shouldn’t be able to give up on a friend so easily. Jill sounds like she knows she’s taking it a bit too far, but she can’t let it go.

Bethenny is in a drama sandwich
real housewives bravo alex bethenny 'Real Housewives of New York': Ramona is on a benderBethenny works the Pepperidge Farm cart at South Street Seaport and Alex comes by to see her. She tells her that her father wouldn’t see her when she went to Los Angeles. Ouch. Bethenny reasons that when you haven’t spoken to someone in a long time, the first time is hard. And maybe, her father wasn’t ready to do that. That’s pretty understanding of her. Still, in that relationship, she’s the child and her father should be acting like a parent. Bethenny then brings up her talk with Jill at the ambush and doesn’t say much more than that.

Arrive with class?
LuAnn meets Jill at Central Park (arriving in a rickshaw – no comment.) The countess says she wants do a Native American sweating ritual in order to cleanse the bad stuff out and open herself to get good stuff in. Jill compares it to Yom Kippur and says that in thinking about forgiving, she has been thinking about Bethenny.

LuAnn then tells her that she has met someone and she’s very excited about the possibility. She says he’s tall, dark and handsome, though that doesn’t really register with Jill. What does register with Jill? That he’s Jewish! Jewish men make the best husbands, she says. She would know, because she has had two.

Ramona’s new renewal
Ramona creates a romantic night for Mario, because she has a question to ask him. When he arrives, he finds Ramona in a sexy nightgown. How many times do you think the camera crew saw her vajayjay? If we almost saw it at least three times – poor camera crew. She wants to renew their vows, but Mario seems indecisive about it. Most likely, he just can’t think straight with her in that sexy nightgown.

Ramona steals the show
Alex is making sure Brooklyn Fashion Weekend is going without a hitch. Ramona arrives and she’s making sure no one is sober. Did she just pull a bottle of wine and glasses out of a bag? She’ll be walking the runway and she was really nervous. By the way, did I mention she was buzzed? When Jill arrives to Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, she called it low-rent. Here’s the deal with Brooklyn Fashion Weekend as Alex and Simon explains it. Comparisons to New York Fashion Week are unfair, since Brooklyn Fashion Weekend is thrown for charity. New York Fashion Week is thrown by Mercedes Benz. I’m a little annoyed that Jill would talk so awfully of the event when it’s for charity.

Jill runs into Kelly who’s getting her hair did (sic). It’s the first time they’ve seen each other since Jill sent her that message basically telling her they couldn’t be friends if she was friends with Bethenny. When Jill calls her a hypocrite, she then starts talking about PR 102, a fictional rule made up in Kelly world saying that if someone is trashing you, then you should compliment them. I’m pretty sure it’s called “kill them with kindness” and Kelly didn’t invent it. That’s the best I can do with that, folks. I do believe Jill was just as confused as the viewer, which is why she got a hobby and moved on to hating on Ramona’s jewelry and outfit. I have to agree with Ramona that Jill seems jealous she’s not part of the event or walking in the show.

Meanwhile, Ramona is backstage freaking out about her runway walk and for good reason. Kelly, the former model, did as expected. Alex looked fine, too. But, Ramona? Oh my gosh, that was just frightening. Her eye-bulging runway walk was just out of this world, as Jill said, “it was like an alien took over her body.” To her credit, she was very nervous. Oh, and by the way, Jill pretty much called Alex a “butterface.”

After the show, Jill left without saying bye and Ramona wasn’t happy about that. It does give Ramona’s theory that Jill was jealous more credence.

Bethenny is with child
Bethenny takes a pregnancy test and finds out she’s pregnant, but I just felt like it was so staged. It just felt like she had already done it, found out she was pregnant and the network wanted to film it. So, she did a reenactment. After finding out she’s pregnant, she tries to call Jason, but he wasn’t picking up. So, she calls her best friend, instead, whose voice is very monotone for just hearing her BFF is pregnant.

real housewives bravo ramona kelly 'Real Housewives of New York': Ramona is on a benderA Ramona says a thousand words
Jill hosts an event for Kodak. LuAnn, Kelly and Ramona attend. Not there for much time at all, Ramona asks Jill why she represents a company as antiquated as Kodak. Of course, the Ramonacoaster can’t see that this isn’t the right place or the right time to be challenging Jill on her endorsement deal. As if that isn’t enough, Ramona then tells Jill that she felt snubbed at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend. That’s about as much as Jill can take and she asks Ramona to leave.

Ramona doesn’t leave. Instead, she gets into it with Jill’s minions, LuAnn and Kelly. As Ramona gets when she’s wrong, she just keeps stepping in it. She tells Kelly she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, because she’s not a businesswoman. Hello, PR 102? After that, Kelly and LuAnn just walk away from Ramonacoaster.

Then, Sonja shows up and she charms the pants off Jill. Jill even said, through gritted teeth, that she thinks the new housewife is pretty. Sonja then tells Kelly that she discovered Max and Kelly acted like she had no clue who she was talking about. PR 103? And then, she says she’s known Ramona for years and the first time they met, Ramona stole a dress from her at a sample sale. Two decades of crazy.  When Ramona sees Sonja, she’s just so happy to see someone that she hasn’t insulted yet and they plan to meet for lunch.

What do you think of the new housewife? Do you think Ramona knows how terrible she has been acting?

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