real-housewives-recap-bravo-ramona-bethenny.jpgIn this episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Ramona won’t shut up, Bethenny reveals she has issues that have nothing to do with Jill and LuAnn is still annoying.

If Ramona could only hear herself
Bethenny and Ramona decide to spend some quality time by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. The quality time jumps into the East River when Bethenny tells her that she called Jill to talk about their rift and the fact that all of NYC knows about it. Ramona then says she thinks that Bethenny planted the article from the last episode. When Bethenny voices how offended she is by the comment, the argument escalates. I don’t know what Ramona is thinking. Can she hear herself? After calling her a “press monger” and “self-serving,” Bethenny called her “ingrateful.” And then Ramona goes low when she tells Bethenny she has no friends and that she’ll probably mess it up with Jason, too. It took Bethenny breaking out in tears for Ramona to finally figure out that she should apologize, except it wasn’t really an apology. It was one of those, “I’m sorry you were hurt by what I said” deals.

On the other side of the bridge, Alex and Simon meet up with them and both Ramona and Bethenny are actually relieved to see them. It’s a little nuts how quickly Ramona turns. That’s not to say that Bethenny didn’t also fake it a bit, too. But Ramona, c’mon – take a picture of me by the water!

Kelly’s professionalism is questionable
Kelly takes to the streets to write a fashion story on trends and how real people transform them. She’s up here and they’re down here kind of thing. Basically, a couple people turn her down before she goes for her target demographic: men. By the way, how does whether or not someone is wearing underwear factor into a story on trends? Answer: When Kelly is the journalist.

She then runs into Peter Butler, some famous hair stylist. But then she can’t figure out how to use her camera. At least she knew how absurd it is that she was once married to one of the biggest photographers in the world and doesn’t know how to work her own camera. I’m thinking the only pictures Kelly owns are ones taken of her by other people.

LuAnn’s hobby
LuAnn stops by her friend’s consignment store, which sells vintage clothing with the proceeds going to homeless charities. I love how the cameraman focuses in on a $2,800 jacket. She said it was a high-end thrift store. LuAnn has an idea to have a cocktail party where people can donate their clothing.

Then, LuAnn decided to spend the night at Jill’s while she’s in town. After they trade talks on gathering their contacts for LuAnn’s charity event, Jill pulls out a “bad” letter. I’m thinking Bethenny wrote her, but no. It’s just an upgraded card for Saks. Jill is diamond level now, everyone, everyone, everyone. Then, Jill’s dog lets one rip.  Yep, this conversation is a stinker. Jill mentions that Ramona told her about Kelly and Bethenny making up. She says that she finds it suspect that Kelly hasn’t told her about them making up and feels it’s indicative of her character. She then asks, “Is Kelly lying to me about how she feels or am I paranoid?” Um, I vote paranoid.

Bethenny’s other issue
Bethenny tells Alex that she is falling apart as her father nears death. She’s trying to figure out how to approach the situation. While they’ve been estranged for years, she feels she should reach out and tell him that she forgives him for whatever he had done to her growing up.  

We then find out that they’re there to pick models. I think the editing was genius here, because just as Bethenny wonders about the criteria for picking models, tall, gorgeous, skinny models, former model Kelly walks in. Kelly says she’s going to feel bad for the models, because she understands what they’re going through (being a former model herself). Of course, Bethenny isn’t quite boarding the “let’s feel bad for models” train. Sorry, folks, I used the word “model” way too much in this paragraph.

Before Bethenny leaves the model casting, Ramona asks her if she wants to stop by her apartment in a few days. Jill would also be there. Bethenny, with her mind still on her father’s health, doesn’t really give an answer.

Jill: Fight or flight?
real housewives recap bravo ramona jill luann 'Real Housewives of New York': Ramona strikes againJill goes by Alex’s place in Brooklyn, so she can try and patch up their tiff over her comments about Alex’s kids. When Alex finally tells her about Brooklyn Fashion Week, it’s so apparent that Jill isn’t happy she wasn’t included sooner. I can understand why she’d feel that way. Not only did Alex not include her, but no one told her about it, either. Jill wonders why LuAnn hasn’t been asked and Alex kind of skims over that. Then, Alex begins to spill the news over Bethenny’s state of mind. She tries not to say anything specific, but Jill guesses it’s about her dad. Alex then stresses that Bethenny may need a friend right now and if Jill has any desire to patch things up with her, she should. Jill says she can’t risk her happiness for Bethenny. In her interview, Alex says that she doesn’t quite buy Jill’s story.

At Ramona’s house later, Jill and LuAnn come by to help Ramona go through her closet for donations. Bethenny decides she’ll take Ramona up on her offer and stop by while Jill is there. When Jill discovers that she had been ambushed, she’s so not OK with it. I’m surprised Jill decided to sit down. I’m not sure if she ever got to a point where she was open to hearing what Bethenny was saying. Part of me understands her shock at being ambushed, though. One thing I do know: LuAnn needs to stop butting in. Jill is an adult and she can take care of herself.

What did you think of Ramona and Bethenny’s ambush on Jill?

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