real housewives new jersey danielle staub sex tape 'Real Housewives of NJ': Danielle Staub has a second sex tape?Last year, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Staub successfully placed a temporary restraint on the release of sex footage that her ex-boyfriend, Steve Zalewski, was reportedly offering to the highest bidder.

Now reports the footage is coming out anyway. There’s only one problem, though. Zalewski says it’s not his tape.

“From what I’m taking from [the article], it has nothing to do with anything that I have,” Zalewski tells Zap2it exclusively. “Pretty much the stuff I have I’m not even in. It’s all stuff she sent me. I wasn’t even there, you know, she filmed herself kind of thing.”

Viewers will recognize Zalewski as the younger man Staub dated during Season 1 of the Bravo show. He says that aside from a few scenes of Staub giving him oral sex, the footage is mostly of her alone, shooting herself doing sex acts. She would then send the video to him on his cell phone.

The writer of the article appears to have actually seen the footage in question and in fact says that it’s “presumably Steve Zalewski,” since the man’s face isn’t shown. The article goes on to describe other hardcore forms of sexual intercourse Staub engages in with the man on tape, which Zalewski says he never knowingly took part in filming.
]]>real housewives new jersey danielle staub steve Zalewski 'Real Housewives of NJ': Danielle Staub has a second sex tape?“She never filmed anything like that with me that I know of,” Zalewski says. “Unless it was something where I didn’t realize it was going on.” Zalewski, pictured left kissing Staub on the show, says that the order that kept him from selling the footage has been dropped and she dismissed the case against him, which begs the question: Did he end up selling the footage anyway? “I never distributed it. I never sold it,” says Zalewski. “I never did anything with it.” So, if Zalewski is telling us the truth than it would seem that a second sex tape featuring Staub is making the rounds. Zalewski says he has a theory. “I think it’s something totally different that she probably did on her own,” says Zalewski. “Now, she’s trying to sell it basically so I can’t get anything out of it. She’s saying that it’s me on the tape when in reality it’s someone else.” But, why would she release a sex tape of herself? Zalewski says that after dating her for roughly seven months, he got a good sense of what she’s like. “She’s nuts. There’s something wrong with her,” says Zalewski. “After getting to know her a little bit, definitely she’s got problems.” A spokesperson for Staub says she has no comment at this time. We also contacted the editor of to confirm whether their writer actually saw the tape, but he or she did not respond by the time this article posted. Do you think Danielle Staub has a second sex tape floating around?
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