real housewives new jersey danielle staub tom staub 'Real Housewives of NJ': Danielle's daughters rock (despite her)In this episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the women take a break from fighting one another to deal with the challenges life throws at their children.

Teresa’s Tenth
Teresa and Joe’s tenth anniversary is coming up and she has made it very clear that she wants him to go big and go diamonds for the occasion. Knowing what we know now about their finances, isn’t it both frightening and genius that Bravo shot this scene as Joe was playing Monopoly with the girls? Also, Joe continues to half-joke about their finances and how bad the economy is. Could it be true that he kept Teresa in the dark about their financial problems and she just didn’t pick up on his many hints?

real housewives new jersey teresa joe giudice 'Real Housewives of NJ': Danielle's daughters rock (despite her)By the way, did you know Joe is a poet? Apparently aside from owning some kind of gravel company, a Laundromat, a pizza parlor and managing an apartment building, he also writes and recites poetry. Teresa is a lucky woman.

When their anniversary rolls around, Joe has definitely delivered. They have a car, a helicopter, a, um, fabulous Jersey City hotel room and then the dessert arrives and sitting inside is Teresa’s real treat: a yellow diamond ring. She later treats him to a lap dance while we cringe at home.

Christine’s Sweet Sixteen
Danielle’s daughter, Christine, is turning 16 and Danielle wants to throw her a huge party. Danielle’s daughters seem to be a lot simpler than their mother, so Christine wasn’t into it until she realized she could forego gifts in exchange for donations to a charity. That’s admirable, but watching Danielle gloat over how well she raised her kids is a bit sickening. After all, it’s clear they’ve adopted very non-dramatic personalities in response to her crazy.

It turns out that Danielle has a second star daughter, as well. I’m going to refrain from talking about her singer/songwriter talent, because she’s just a child and she should dream. But judging by the way Danielle has mooched off Christine’s modeling career, it’s now not a surprise that Danielle came out with a song of her own. Just sayin’.

Don’t you love how Danielle keeps swearing she wants no drama, yet she continues to try and manufacture it? After she finds out that her ex-husband is coming with his new wife, she digs up their huge engagement ring and decides to wear it to the party? Transparent much, Danielle?

real housewives new jersey jillian staub 'Real Housewives of NJ': Danielle's daughters rock (despite her)At the party, it’s finally time for Jillian to make her singing debut. After suffering from nerves, her father tries to calm her. Of course, Danielle says he should just leave her alone, because she knows her daughter better than him. It’s clear, though, that both daughters are happy to see that their father made it in. When Jillian finally performed, it was too cute. She did a great job and actually surprised me with the song’s pop/dance arrangement. Good for her. Of course, Danielle took the moment to declare herself a very good mom.

Charging Ashley
Jacqueline goes over to Caroline’s house to talk about her chat with Kim G. She’s angry that Kim has very publicly supported Danielle in pressing charges on Ashley for weave-gate while at the same time claiming to be Jacqueline’s friend. The bottom line is she’s a double agent, but her enabling of Danielle’s insanity makes things worse for Jacqueline. Kim has been pretty much Danielle’s partner in crime in many of the horrible things that have gone down this season, so I don’t see how Jacqueline has profited from the friendship. She has every right to be pissed at Kim for supporting Danielle in pressing charges against her 19 year-old daughter.

Danielle’s past crimes (drug dealing, kidnap, prostitution) far outweigh what Ashley did to her, but I feel she’s getting some strange enjoyment from pressing charges against someone else, plus it’s revenge for what Ashley’s mom and aunts have done to her.

Later, Jacqueline has decided to drive Ashley to pick up her court summons from the post office. She’s hoping that Ashley feels some regret for what she has done, but alas, she seems to still find it funny and worthwhile to have pulled Danielle’s hair. Back at the house, Jacqueline’s husband gets in between the two of them as they’re fighting. It’s really a hard thing to get Ashley to understand that she did something wrong and they warned her plenty of times to stay away from Danielle. Ashley keeps talking of countersuing Danielle, though she’s not sure what that countersuit will be. It’s just the ramblings of an immature teenager, but Jacqueline has had enough. Ashley just ends up walking out with no real resolution.

Albie’s new gig
In a strange turn of events, Albie has joined the police academy. He has joined to fill the time between him being kicked out of law school and starting at a new one. He’ll be a great lawyer, because he has convinced himself and everyone around him that it’s a great idea and will give him insight into the way that police officers think. Fine, that makes sense, but he’s basically going through the program with no intention of becoming a police officer. It just feels like a major way to make himself feel better for getting kicked out of law school and I’m not sure what the policeman of the world think of the way he talks about the program as if it’s just research. For many, it’s their career and life goal. Is working at The Brownstone until you get back into law school that demeaning to him?

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