real-housewives-new-york-alex-jill.jpgIn this episode of “The Real Housewives of New York,” Bethenny and Jill both want to kill the messenger and Alex is charged with an important mission.

The Termite strikes again
Bethenny and her assistant are working when a text comes through telling them to check The Termite’s blog. Somehow, he got wind of the fact that Bethenny is pregnant and posted it. Bethenny freaks out, because she hasn’t told anybody yet and Jason wanted to wait for three months before he tells his parents. OK, so, who do you think leaked it? Bethenny? It’s a possibility, though I doubt she would give that news to The Termite, who she very publicly hates on. Jason? He doesn’t necessarily come off as media-savvy in my opinion. It must be someone from her doctor’s office, no? That or her seemingly loyal assistant?

The vultures circle
LuAnn goes over to Sonja’s house to plan a charity event when Jill calls. She had just heard about Bethenny’s pregnancy and decides to call LuAnn to see if she knew already. Then the women go off on tangents that are so wrong I don’t know where to start. Jill starts feigning worry about Bethenny for talking about her pregnancy too early, which comes off as a backhanded thing to say. LuAnn can’t stop talking about how Bethenny bit her head off and that’s probably a result of the pregnancy hormones (not because LuAnn deserved it at all). And of course, Sonja brings up Bethenny’s paunch and how she noticed it and thought she may be pregnant. Frankly, each woman brought up things about Bethenny that said more about them than her.

Upset in uptown
real housewives new york bethenny jason 'Real Housewives of NY': Alex strikes backJason arrives at Bethenny’s and she tells him that the news of her pregnancy is out. I know it’s not a funny situation, but his reaction was kind of funny. If he thought marrying Bethenny was going to be a few red carpets and cameras following them a few months of the year, boy, was he mistaken. I loved watching him move from shock to anger to acceptance. This one might be healthy enough to manage the madness. In the end, the two kissed and made up. Then, they went to break the news to his parents.

Meet the new housewife, Jennifer Gilbert!
Jill is planning a holiday party and she hires Jennifer Gilbert to plan it for her. So, we’ve known Jennifer Gilbert would be joining the cast, but that intro was a bit lackluster, wasn’t it? Time stopped and Bravo inserted a whole segment on Sonja last week. Poor Jennifer was served to Jill’s yapping about having the party at an ice rink and ordering lamb chops. Ginger, Jill’s dog, loves her some lamb chops.

Take a little off the front
Did I call it earlier? When Sonja mentioned noticing Bethenny’s paunch, it really reflected on her own feelings toward her own. She and Ramona go to a plastic surgeon for a lipo consultation. I don’t know about you, but her tummy looked fine to me. The best part was when Ramona started grilling the doctor’s credentials, which is totally appropriate, but Sonja went on her gut (hah, pun).

Alex is the messenger
Bethenny calls Alex to tell her that she’s pregnant, but, of course, she already heard it from The Termite. It’s nice to see one of the ladies genuinely happy for each other without bringing the conversation back to themselves. Then conversation moves to Jill and Bethenny tells Alex that she’s done with that friendship. When Alex asks whether Bethenny will be telling Jill, somehow she gets assigned the task. And it’s clear to me that Alex, who has been having some issues with Jill, relishes the opportunity of delivering Bethenny’s message.

Jill shares her spotlight
Jill and Bobby do a TV segment to promote Zarin Fabrics. It was a short segment and I actually thought it was endearing how Jill jumped in when Bobby began to go off message. He was nervous. After all, he’s not really the TV star.

Sonja’s psychic or therapist?
There are moments where even my shallowness subsides and I realize these women have way too much money and not enough self-esteem. I remember feeling this way when Jill had her psychic come over with LuAnn and she shared the Bethenny voicemail. They act like the people they pay are their friends. I saw the same type of relationship between Sonja and her psychic. She needs a friend. She needs to talk off her nervousness over the lipo. Fine, but call a friend who can offer at least some independent thought, not someone on your payroll that will tell you everything you want to hear.

Ramona’s Renewal
Ramona invites the other women to the launch of her skincare line called, um, Renewal. OK, so I just put it together. Ramona’s new “renewal,” which she makes sure to say on camera at least three times in every show was her way of virally promoting her new skincare line of the same name. That’s actually pretty genius. Am I giving Ramonacoaster too much credit? Nevertheless, she’s very proud of the event and it’s nice to see her work pay off.

Then, Jill and Kelly arrive. Jill, who says she’s still mad at Ramona for ruining her Kodak event, decides to take the high road. Obviously, her version of “the high road” is to walk around the party nitpicking loudly about everything. She hates Ramona’s face on the brochure. She thought the fattening food didn’t fit into the idea of a natural skincare line. She even talked about how unnecessary the products were. Oh, Jill, can’t you see how terrible you’re being? You’re no better than Ramona mocking the Kodak brand at your event!

Kill the messenger
When Alex and Simon arrived to Ramona’s event, it was clear that Alex was on a mission. There’s nothing harder then getting a word in when you’re surrounded by a bunch of self-centered people with the gift for gab. So, after a bottle of wine arrived for Ramona from Bethenny with a note confirming her pregnancy, Alex thought it was time to make another delivery. After standing there for several minutes as the ladies paid very little attention to her, Alex grew frustrated. When she finally (and may I add proudly) got Bethenny’s message out, the women grew quiet, the calm before the storm, then they went off on Alex for not telling Jill privately. I have to agree with the gals on this one. Alex should have taken Jill aside. On the other hand, I think Alex knew exactly what she was doing.

Feels so good
Alex came to visit Bethenny to tell her how the message delivery went down and Bethenny was shocked. She couldn’t believe Alex had the nerve to walk up to Jill with all the gals around and tell her the message. Then, the truth comes out. Alex says she knows her timing could have been better, but she did it for herself, as well. It’s clear that Alex has been harboring lots of animosity toward Jill and she used the opportunity to get some of it out. You have to give it to Alex – she’s honest.

How do you feel about how Alex delivered Bethenny’s message?

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