real-housewives-of-new-york-city-bravo-kelly-bensimon-thum.jpgIn this episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Ramona’s “non-bachelorette” getaway reaches whole new heights of crazy when the women realize Kelly isn’t well.

If you don’t know, axe somebody
It’s the next morning after last week’s night of “Turtle Time” and Ramona is feeling like she relived her teenage years. For a moment, it seems that things are going to be OK. But then, Bethenny mentioned that according to Kelly, she’s a chef, an author and a ho bag. Then, Kelly corrected her and said, “cook.” That’s when things began to unravel. Bethenny asked Kelly to explain the difference and she said some cockamamie thing about a chef being someone who worked in a restaurant. Um, no. Things got even more nuts after that and when I say “things,” I mean Kelly. Then, Bethenny, who admits she’s feeling emotional, leaves the table in tears.

Thankfully, the gals reach their new destination. Ramona can’t contain herself and tells the women where they’re staying. It’s this amazing estate located on a bluff. So gorgeous! The good thing for Bethenny is that she’ll have her own space there.

real housewives of new york city bravo kelly bensimon bag 'Real Housewives of New York': Me Kelly, you zip it!Can’t figure it out
Bethenny prepared bags for all the women with their initials embroidered on them and filled with Skinny Girl stuff. After Kelly finds hers, she totally freaks out. She thinks it’s some kind of attack on her or I’m not sure what she thinks. So, she calls Jill and tells her that she’s scared of Bethenny. She says some nut job things like Bethenny wants to kill her. Again, I’m not clear on it. I welcome reader feedback on this one. Then, Jill advised Kelly to stay away from Bethenny. In her interview, Jill admitted she couldn’t understand half the stuff Kelly was saying.

The next morning, Kelly joins Ramona, Alex and Bethenny in the kitchen. She brought a notepad and told them if they have a complaint about her they should write it down. Does she think they’re just talking about her 24/7? The funny part was that no one mentioned anything about Kelly until she came in with the notepad.

Then, there’s a very sweet scene when Ramona goes to wake Sonja up, who is sleeping in and even pours her a cup a coffee. I do love Ramona as the hostess. She’s being so fun and good to everybody. Plus, her planning for this trip has been impeccable.

real housewives of new york city bravo sonja morgan 'Real Housewives of New York': Me Kelly, you zip it!Later the gals (minus Bethenny) go out to the beach for a shoot with Kelly. Sonja looked hot. She really knew how to work her face and poses. Ramona was fun. I’m not sure the tiny little bikini was a good choice for her, but she felt good. Alex seemed a bit stiff and when she tightens her mouth, it becomes so tiny. It was good to see Kelly having fun and not freaking out. She likes being in charge, I think. So, when she can’t control the situation or the people around her, she loses it.

real housewives of new york city bravo jill luann 'Real Housewives of New York': Me Kelly, you zip it!Let’s put our weapons down
LuAnn and Jill are out at dinner and discussing Kelly’s phone calls. Jill says she doesn’t quite understand what Kelly is saying, but she’s worried. LuAnn just kept babbling about how she wasn’t going to go on Ramona’s trip, dahling. And that her daughter’s birthday was at the same time, dahling. And 17 years of marriage isn’t significant, dahling. Well, guess what LuAnn? I don’t believe Ramona wanted you there, dahling.

Then Jill drops a bomb. She has decided to fly to the Virgin Islands to save Kelly. Or is it to celebrate with Ramona? Or was it to make up with Bethenny? This entire dinner is an egomaniacal nightmare.

Dinner on Bethenny
Bethenny decides to cook dinner for the gals. When the women arrive, Kelly gets on her phone and starts chatting. Ramona, thinking that’s rude, asked Kelly to leave the room while she’s on the phone. Kelly got angry, but left anyway. When she returns, Bethenny has already laid out a few salsas for the girls. Kelly right away starts asking if she actually made them, because her amazing culinary knowledge tells her that some chefs don’t make their own food. I just want to scream, “Kelly, please just relax and shut up!”

real housewives of new york city bravo ramona kelly sonja 'Real Housewives of New York': Me Kelly, you zip it!And then we go through a series of loopy trips with Kelly where she’s alternately telling Alex she’s channeling the devil and accusing Bethenny of trying to kill her. She also likes to tell everyone to “zip it.” Bethenny is just loving that finally everyone else can see the crazy that is Kelly for themselves. Sonja, though, is the only one that’s willing to stay in the room with Kelly the whole time, though she admits in her interview that it got scary for her. I really like Sonja. Yes, she’s insecure, but who isn’t? At least she can recognize when someone isn’t well and she tried to mitigate the situation.

When Sonja finally got through to the other ladies that she seriously believes Kelly has a mental problem, the mood calmed and so did Kelly.

At the end, Ramona was literally petting Kelly while everyone tried to keep their voices at a very even keel level. Ah, good Kelly. Relax now.

What’s your take on Kelly?

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