real housewives finale bravo jill zarin sorry 'Real Housewives of NYC' finale: Jill is really, really sorryIn the finale episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Ramona’s renewal ceremony is finally here, Jill makes one last-ditch effort to win Bethenny back and LuAnn proves that money really can’t buy you class.

The tide is turning
Jill and Bethenny have their much-anticipated chat and there’s a lot that has transpired, which can’t be wrapped up in one lunch. It’s clear that Jill is sorry. Why is Jill sorry now? Bethenny thinks it’s because she has been having lots of problems with the other housewives and she’s starting to feel the ramifications of her behavior. What I didn’t get about Jill was that she wanted to wipe the slate clean and not talk about the past. That works for her, because who wants to remember how evil they’ve been, but what does that do for Bethenny?

In the end, it’s unclear what they’ll be doing next. From Bethenny’s interviews, she doesn’t seem very swayed by Jill’s tearful apology.

Later, we join Bethenny and Jason as they pack up to move downtown. They fight over his Harlem Globetrotters basketball and her hoarding of empty jars. In the end, they work it out and Bethenny couldn’t be happier about their move.

real housewives finale bravo luann delesseps singing 'Real Housewives of NYC' finale: Jill is really, really sorryMoney can’t buy you friends
LuAnn performed her first single, “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” and all the gals came except Alex, Bethenny and Ramona. The performance, of course, is this strange lip synced, spoken word mess. But, hell, turn it up loud enough and the beat is something you can dance to. And she proves that delusion can work in one’s favor. She was very relaxed and not at all embarrassed (as we the viewers were for her).

If her d-baggy producer who wears his sunglasses inside and has a ridiculous mohawk, has the auto-tune to spare, why not let LuAnn use it? After all, to paraphrase Jen, the forgotten housewife, LuAnn may not be rock and roll, but she could be early-Madonna. What!?

We finally got to meet Jacques, who Luann talked about weeks ago on the horse ride with Jill in Central Park, remember? Sure, she was dating Court, the other strange d-bag after that, but Jacques won her heart. But, hey, anything is better than Court.

Then, the girls start talking about who’s going to Ramona’s wedding, which quickly turns into a conversation about Ramona kicking Jill out of the vacation house after her surprise visit. When LuAnn takes over with her very uninformed opinion of what went down on Scary Island, Sonja told LuAnn to stop speaking over her. Hah! She then took control of the situation and explained to a hushed Jill why her presence at the vacation house was not welcome. It looked like it sunk in a bit with Jill.

Ramona – don’t call it a wedding – ceremony
Ramona is just picking the location for her vow renewal ceremony? Isn’t it in like days? OK, I’m going to suspend my disbelief. It’s totally possible to book a hotel like The Pierre the week before your event. It doesn’t matter. Seeing Ramona exclaim, “I’m so over the top!” is worth a little suspension of disbelief.

Later, Ramona and her daughter, Avery, get their hair cut for the event. Ramona wonders if Avery things she’ll cry. Duh, yeah.

Then, suddenly, it’s almost time for the ceremony. Ramona is getting ready back at the Pierre and surprise, it’s Jill! Very funny that she re-enacted her arrival on Scary Island. It ends up giving Ramona a chance to tell Jill that she needs to learn how to place herself in other people’s shoes. Afterward, they kiss and make up. Ramona declares she’ll be friends with Jill forever.

Where’s my speech? I can’t find my speech. I lost my speech.
That’s all I remember of the rest of the time that Ramona got ready for the ceremony. Oh, and didn’t Avery look very pretty and very adult?

Meanwhile downstairs, Kelly has arrived. She didn’t RSVP and she still wanted to make a dig at how uneventful Ramona’s ceremony was. 17 years? That’s not significant, she says. At least she’s still married to her husband, Kelly. Where’s Mr. Bensimon nowadays? But in the end, she decided to come, because she felt that would be how she’d want Ramona to act if she were having a similar ceremony.

real housewives finale bravo ramona singer renewal 'Real Housewives of NYC' finale: Jill is really, really sorryWell, it’s finally time for the ceremony and after a brief fight over how Avery will enter with the dog, Avery enters carrying the pooch (who was dressed just like her!). Then, Ramona gets her chance to descend the staircase and everyone oohs and ahs at the site of her. Good for her. And she remembered her speech!

After the ceremony, Bethenny takes Ramona and Alex aside to tearfully thank them for being there for her through some very hard months. It’s kind of touching, the odd group they’ve made. After all, remember when Alex and Ramona couldn’t stand each other?

At the end of the show, we learn what all the ladies have been up to. Sonja is enjoying her sexy cougar lifestyle and writing a novel about it. LuAnn continues to delude herself into thinking that she’s a singer and she finally got the cash together to move back to Manhattan. Ramona renewed into a butterfly and flew to Kenya, so she can be over the top on the back of an elephant. Alex is doing the whole book thing and loving her newfound ability to speak her mind. Bethenny is moving on to her own show called “Bethenny Getting Married?” or “Give me the attention I deserve, Bravo, or I’m out.” Jill is living in regret and apologizing for every mean thing she has said or done, so she can keep the friends she still has. Kelly is doing cartwheels while dreaming about lollipops, jellybeans and gold satchels. And Jen, who knows? We’re not even sure she still exists in the “Real Housewives” world.

Aren’t you excited for the reunion special?

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