real housewives of new york city jill zarin 'Real Housewives of New York': Jill, the tribe has spokenIn this episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Jill drops in on the women in the Virgin Islands to disastrous results and Kelly brings the crazy back to Manhattan.

Musical wenches
The women meet up for breakfast and it didn’t seem like anyone got a good night’s sleep after the crazy delivered by Kelly the night before. They’ve all fully realized there’s something wrong with her and seem to have turned a corner as far as how they’ll behave around her going forward. Then, Ramona comes down and tells them that Kelly has left. Could you hear the group’s collective sigh of relief?

Later, Sonja presents the girls her gift for Ramona’s trip: a relaxing mani-pedi on the terrace. Just as the women are discussing how they can finally get into the vacation (though it’s their last day), the high-pitched sounds of Jill’s voice comes from inside. Groaning erupts from the group as Jill and Bobby appear on the terrace.

It wasn’t the welcome Jill was hoping for (to say the least). Bethenny has already written her off. Alex just came out of her “I’m in Brooklyn” showdown with Jill. Ramona was pissed Jill didn’t come on the trip in the first place and never contacted her during the trip. So, it was never going to end up good for Jill. In her defense, she came truly hoping to patch things up with Bethenny. Ramona’s trip was neither the time nor the place for it, though.

I was sure that Alex was going to explode or have an epileptic seizure. Ramona went outside to talk to Jill and she used Alex as an excuse for kicking Jill out. That was only part of the reason. She really should have spoke her mind about her own problems with Jill instead of merely saying them in the interview.

real housewives of new york city ramona singer bondage 'Real Housewives of New York': Jill, the tribe has spokenHere comes the bondage, I mean, bridal shower
After Jill has left and CPR was given to Alex (OK, that didn’t happen, but it got scary for a second), the women gather for dinner and try to salvage their last night of vacation. Anyone else notice the hot pink dress Sonja was wearing? Wow. It looked like someone spray painted that to her body. Thankfully, she was still willing and able to give Ramona the Heimlich maneuver when she began to choke. Luckily, it didn’t come down to that. Talk of the value of large penises gave way to Alex announcing a surprise, double bridal shower for Bethenny and Ramona!

As the gifts were unwrapped, so was the freakiness. Alex gave Bethenny and Ramona pearl handcuffs and Swarovski crystal hand ties, which are supposed to bound one to the bedposts. Fashion forward bondage gear? Thankfully, they began making bridal gowns from toilet paper. That, I recognize.

Kelly explains it all
Back in Manhattan, Jill has gathered LuAnn and Jen to hash out the trip with Kelly over lunch. Before Kelly arrives, Jill tells them that she’s sad about the way she was treated when she arrived to the house. Here’s where LuAnn begins the “I told you so” dance. If you remember, she tried to talk Jill out of going in the last episode. I love how that totally shut her down from expressing her feelings. She then suddenly had to pretend that she understood why the tribe kicked her off the island.

Then, Kelly arrives and she’s ready to give her take on what happened on the getaway. In a nutshell, everyone was gossiping (which she hated), everyone attacked her (which seemed more like self-defense in my opinion) and here’s the kicker: Kelly claims Bethenny admitted that she went out of her way to create a smear campaign against her in the press! Um, no, “Kell-amity,” I don’t believe Bethenny ever admitted that. Wow. It just goes on and on with Kelly digging a deeper hole for herself. When she told the women that she called Bethenny a “ho bag,” the disapproval was palpable. She then started talking about how Bethenny isn’t a cook (I thought she said Bethenny wasn’t a chef?), the other women began listing the friends who have used Bethenny to cater their events. The best part of the scene is how Jill, LuAnn and Jen are reacting to Kelly’s version of the story – with total disbelief.

Later that night, Sonja throws a party at her place and all the housewives attend (except Jill) and LuAnn is set on getting the other side of the story from them. Basically, the women tell LuAnn just how it went down and she sees that they’re making more sense than Kelly was making at lunch.

real housewives of new york city jill zarin skating 2 'Real Housewives of New York': Jill, the tribe has spokenSkating on thin ice
It’s finally Jill’s holiday party at the ice rink and everything looks great (thanks to Jen). Jill is only missing one thing: Bethenny. She tells her sister, Lisa, that she can’t stop thinking about Bethenny and she wants to call her and invite her to lunch. Lisa does a good job of talking Jill through it. In the end, Jill calls Bethenny to invite her to lunch. On the other end, Bethenny says she’s just feeling beat down and she says yes. With that, Jill is ready to skate. And boy, is she. She has a tiny pink skating outfit on and she hits the ice. Her biggest trick is a spin, but hell, I can’t do that. So, props to her. She does take quite a spill on the ice, but she gets right back up again to spin another day.

real housewives of new york city ramona singer 'Real Housewives of New York': Jill, the tribe has spokenThen Ramona arrives and Kelly wants to speak with her right away. She has a bone to pick with her. She feels Ramona invited her on the trip and didn’t defend her at all. Ramona, of course, asked the same question we all are. Kelly, were you on the same trip as us? After going back and forth, I think Ramona remembered that there is no reasoning with Kelly. So, she changes her tactic and gives her one of those non-apology apologies. You know, “I’m sorry you felt that way.” Kelly took the apology and they hugged. From the look on Ramona’s face when they hugged, she was relieved she was able to disarm the Kelly “Bomb-simon.”

Ramona isn’t in the clear, yet. Jill wants a word with her, as well. I still think Ramona wasn’t honest about her feelings toward Jill. Again, she said she kicked Jill to the curb, because of Alex and Bethenny’s feelings and the fact that Jill didn’t acknowledge “the elephant in the room.” Jill took that explanation and they hugged it out.

Do you think Jill has finally seen the error of her ways?

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