Kellybensimon_290 Tuesday’s “The Real Housewives of New York City” reunion was filled with shrill crosstalk, accusations, tears, smoldering glares and aggressive adjustment of tight sheath dresses. And that was just Part One.

Let’s break it down by housewife shall we?

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

The most hated housewife in recent memory didn’t redeem herself much. She explained that a stalker ex-bf had trumped up the widely reported assault charges against her and then she cried on camera. Later, she attacked Bethenny for being weak and a crybaby. Who’s delusional?

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

LuLu tried to keep it classy (she does rock the one-shoulder look well) by not going into too much detail about her estranged husband’s new Ethiopian squeeze. And apparently, she can still hold onto the title “Countess.” Whew. For all her airs though, she finally called out Kelly, asking if she had any close girlfriends. Even though Kelly claims to have a select few, we think not. Brava, Countess.

Bethenny Frankel

The show’s “Greek chorus” was attacked on many fronts: Kelly, Alex and Ramona. Kelly had an issue because she’s Kelly. Alex preferred to be talked about in person, and Ramona was retaliating for Bethenny’s comments about her dating tips. There was so much drama, Bethenny was much more subdued than usual and was even struggling to hold back tears (thanks for pointing that out Andy Cohen).

For all her smart mouthiness, however, she was the calmest one there, taking Alex’s criticism with a “fair enough,” not really engaging in an argument with Kelly and driving the point home quietly that Ramona’s blog attack, claiming Bethenny’s notions were why she was single, was just mean.

We at Zap2it are firmly on Team Bethenny … and so is:

Jill Zarin

What’s to say? She’s loud, emotional and sometimes jumps to conclusions. But she defended Bethenny vociferously, and that’s one of the many reasons to love her.


Alex McCord

The female half of Silax didn’t seem like much without her ego-boosting shopping partner present. Yes, she’s a social climber, but somehow, that’s not as annoying as it was last season. We really just can’t seem to muster up any interest unless she and Simon are doing outrageous things together.

Ramona Singer

She’s a crazy-eyed child, and that’s why we forgive her at times. And other times when she crosses the line, we don’t. Going on and on about her business? Eh. Annoying but acceptable. Screaming at Bethenny and hurting our ears? Trying to paint Simon as an abuser? You need a time out.

Overall, there was lots of “we’re not really friends” or “you don’t really know me” stuff going on. It’s pretty sad that with the exception of Jill and Bethenny, these women haven’t really learned to play nice and share.

Having said that, we can’t wait till Part Two. Your thoughts?


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