gretchen rossi slade smiley getty 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Gretchen Rossi says Tamra Barney's engagement is fake? Not so fast
Update: A Bravo spokesperson says of the allegations, “This is a totally inaccurate report.”

And Gretchen writes on her Facebook page that she never said Tamra’s engagement was a sham:
“Whoever keeps trying to stir up things between @TamraBarney and me,
needs to stop making up lies! I never said any of those things TMZ is
reporting and have been nothing but happy for Tamra and her engagement.
Last week I was begging for a ring from Bravo now this week her
engagement is a sham! Give me a break! Why can’t anyone just be happy
for her and I! We are both happy and in a good place in our lives!”

So who’s grinding the rumor mill?

Earlier: Despite being newfound besties with Tamra Barney on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” off camera Gretchen Rossi is saying that Tamra’s just-announced engagement to Eddie Judge is fake, manufactured by producers for a dramatic finale story line, according to reports. But Tamra says it’s not true.

Sources close to Gretchen tell TMZ that “Real Housewives” producers initially approached her boyfriend Slade Smiley about proposing in time for the show’s finale, offering him an exotic proposal destination and a free ring to boot. Long the source of public ridicule, Slade turned them down, so producers allegedly turned to Eddie and Tamra next.

The couple supposedly snapped up the proposal package, which was then filmed for the show in the same exotic locale Slade was offered.

We tweeted Tamra about the allegations Monday (March 19) morning, asking if they were true, and she wrote back, “no. Very hurtful.”

Posted by:Jennifer Harper