On “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” tensions between Vicki and Tamra come to a head at Heather‘s clambake. After Tamra storms off from the dinner table in tears when Vicki starts rehashing their unsettled grievances, Heather encourages both women to make things right.
Vicki and Tamra steal away into the wine cellar, locking Heather out so they can discuss their “bad feelings” one-on-one, and Tamra makes the first move to extend the olive branch. “We’ve been inseparable for five years,” she tells Vicki. “Things happen in real life. Like, you have a grandson and I can’t even go see him, or come see you or talk to you.” 
Vicki still insists she and Brooks are “on a break” and paints quite the “woe is me” picture for Tamra, clearly wanting her to believe the breakup was caused by Tamra clashing with Brooks. “I don’t want a man to get in between us,” Tamra tells her. “And I know that as friends, we have disagreements all the time. But I don’t want this to be the end. I’m sorry.” Vicki says she’s sorry too, but she sings a different tune when she’s solo in front of the cameras.
“I’m open to seeing what can happen,” Vicki starts. But … “I’m never gonna forgive. Well, maybe I’ll forgive a little — I’m never gonna forget.” And for emphasis, she repeats: “I’m never gonna forget.”
In the limo ride home, Gretchen tries to spin the story not so much in Vicki’s favor. She still isn’t buying the Brooks breakup tale, and works hard to plant seeds of doubt in Tamra’s mind. But for Tamra, Gretchen’s opinion doesn’t hold much water. “Gretchen doesn’t like Vicki,” Tamra points out. “I think in the back of Gretchen’s mind she thinks, ‘If you become friends with Vicki again, s*** is gonna happen with us.'” 
And she may well be right. But surely the closest person to Tamra, her fiance Eddie, isn’t worried about his place in her life if Vicki comes back in to the picture. Yet, his warnings are much stronger than Gretchen’s subtle hints. “[Vicki] is about lying, cheating and deceiving,” Eddie tells Tamra. “I highly recommend you don’t become friends with her again. Don’t trust her; don’t let her back in. Because she’s only gonna hurt you again. What I’m asking you to do is to protect yourself … Be careful.”
Meanwhile, Gretchen’s man Slade takes advantage of his newfound public platform to take a swipe at Vicki’s shocking new face. Speaking to his co-host on “Radio Slade,” he puts forth a not-so-hypothetical situation. “Let’s just say this person … according to some internet reports … decided to have, maybe her 13th surgery? Shows up at a party looking like Mickey Rourke. Do you acknowledge the fact that it’s obvious there’s been a change,” asks Slade. When his co-host insists you must address the elephant in the room, Slade replies, “But what if I didn’t bring peanuts? I don’t want to be responsible for pissing off the elephant.”
Poor Vicki’s face was still so swollen at Heather’s clambake, and the stitches under her chin were showing, which gave the other Housewives plenty of gossip fodder and made for some awkward conversations between party guests. Still, no one says a word to Vicki because, as Heather’s husband Terry Dubrow wisely points out, “Asking a woman if she’s had plastic surgery is like asking your wife if she’s gained weight.”
Other moments of note:
  • Alexis spends the majority of her time in the episode nauseatingly cooing over her husband Jim‘s manly-man manhood. Meanwhile, he’s eager to try on every pair of her bedazzled pumps.
  • Gretchen announces Slade’s financial house is finally in order, so “marriage is definitely on the horizon.” And in the teaser for next week’s episode, she announces plans to start pumping out babies. Scary.
  • At the clambake, Heather and Terry nag Tamra about a wedding date with Eddie. She plays it off, saying they needed to get her new fitness business going first, and they’ve only been engaged for eight months. But later she reveals, “I want to give you a date; my fiance won’t give me a date.” Uh oh, sounds like trouble is brewing in OC paradise.
Now the question remains … When do we get to meet the newest Housewife? Judging from the teasers, she seems like quite the handful.
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