real housewives kelly bensimon danielle staub crazy 'Real Housewives' cage fight: Who's more bananas? NYC's Kelly Bensimon or NJ's Danielle Staub?One could argue that any person who stars in Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise is a few bananas short of a fruit basket. Yet, we can’t ignore the two women who have really fought hardest for their crazy cred: New York City’s Kelly Bensimon and New Jersey’s Danielle Staub.

In the left corner, Kelly: From the moment we met Kelly, we knew someone spilled some coffee on her motherboard. She has her own language and sees things through Kelly-tinted glasses.Then, we watched in horror as she delivered her “I’m up here, you’re down here” speech to Bethenny Frankel last season. Afterwards, she would never remember that quite the way we did.

]]>Ramona Singer’s island getaway and all bets were off. It seemed her paranoia had run amuck and the only thing that could stop her reign of terror were jelly beans and lollipops! She took us all on a shuttle to crazy planet and there was no emergency eject button. What a frightening ride! In the right corner, Danielle: We don’t think Danielle is bananas just because she has a shady past full of kidnapping, drug dealing and “prostitution whoring.” If that was all behind her? Great. We think she’s nuts for lying to us about all those things when anyone who can read the court documents can see that she clearly had a hand (sometimes doing a pistol whip) in the crimes. Puh-leeze! This season, though, Danielle has taken bananas from the trees to the streets. She was just warming up when she tried to edge in on her daughter’s budding modeling career and when she set up empty chairs at a luncheon to make Dina Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita look bad. In the last two episodes, we watched Danielle reach a new low. She used a charity benefit for a baby with cancer to get back at the other housewives. And, boy, did she and her thugs definitely prove a point, right? Probably not the point she wanted to prove, though.

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