adriana de moura nude peta 'Real Housewives' star Adriana De Moura strips nude for PETA
“Real Housewives of Miami” star Adriana De Moura is the latest celebrity to strip naked for animal rights group PETA. The ad campaign that shows De Moura completely nude in a bathtub is meant to protest the Miami Sequarium’s containment of an orca named Lolita.
The copy on PETA’s De Moura ad begins, “Could you live in a bathtub for 40 years?” Then the ad continues:
“Lolita has been stuck in a tiny tank at the Miami Seaquarium since 1970, when she was torn away from her ocean family. She is a lone orca surrounded by concrete and chemically treated water, and the Seaquarium refuses to release her to a coastal sanctuary.”
Well, it sounds like a noble cause, but — in fairness to the Seaquarium — if this so-called “sanctuary” is anything like PETA’s own high-kill animal shelter, then Lolita is probably better off where she’s been for the past four decades. 

The Seaquarium’s website describes Lolita’s show as follows:

“There’s only one place where you’ll find Pacific white-sided dolphins living, playing and performing alongside a killer whale! Be amazed and delighted by Lolita the Killer Whale and her exotic Pacific white-sided dolphin friends as they show off their natural grace, beauty and intelligence through the special relationship between animal and trainer.”

What do you think? Is PETA just out for publicity with all their naked celebrities? Or does this orca genuinely need saving?
Posted by:mchance