real housewives new jersey bravo jacqueline laurita interview 'Real Housewives of NJ' Jacqueline Laurita: 'I always do what I want to do'There’s more to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’sJacqueline Laurita than her beef with her former friend and cast mate Danielle Staub.

Sure, at times that conflict can become her strongest storyline, but no one can claim that Jacqueline is just a housewife for Bravo’s sake.

Zap2it spoke to Jacqueline about her kids and how she stays “thick as thieves” with her very opinionated family.

Congratulations on the new baby! Last season, you were having problems conceiving and now you have a healthy boy. So, how’s life different with the new baby?
Oh my God. Well, last year I was so stressed out just trying to get pregnant. There were a lot of things going on with Danielle and everything. But, the baby is our little miracle. We love him. He has been such a joy. The kids are great with him. He makes us laugh every day. He’s so cute. He looks nothing like me at all. He looks like my husband with the blond hair and blue eyes [laughs]. He’s a really happy baby and he’s really active. He’s crawling everywhere now and walking around furniture. He’s very attached to me, so he’s always on my hip. So, I’m finding myself doing all my chores one-handed. So, everyday tasks get a little harder, but I’m patient. Eventually, I get everything done.

]]>A new baby and then you lose your other one when she moves out!
It’s like one extreme to the other. Three children at totally different stages. We can’t believe you have a daughter that old. When did you have her?
I had her when I was 20. Yeah, she’s 19 now, going on 20, and I just turned 40 [laughs]. We aren’t going to lie. She has quite an attitude. Dina Manzo jokingly suggested you should have spanked her more. Do you ever wish you would have?
It’s funny, but, uh, it is illegal nowadays. So, you don’t want to go there, because you can get in trouble for that. We do take things away from her. We’ve tried a lot of different techniques with Ashley in trying to discipline her. But, sometimes with a strong-willed child, it just doesn’t work. If I took away her TV, she’d say, ‘I’m kind of glad you did that, because I was bored of watching TV. I think I’ll read now,’ you know? We’ve tried a little of everything with her. She’s just a strong-willed child and she’s going to learn from her mistakes eventually. Ashley’s living arrangements haven’t been clear on the show. Can you explain that?
I think it might play out on the show a little bit, so I’m not sure if I want to say too much. But, it did make me mad that she went from our house to another house where she didn’t have to pay for anything living there. She took her own money from working [Note: Ashley gets paid for being on the show] and Christopher and I made her pay in advance, like OK you can rent the car for three months. So, we took money from her. But, she made the payments on her car. We cut off her phone service completely. We basically cut her off completely. We said, ‘If you want to live on your own, then you’re on your own.’ We wanted her to see what it was like. real housewives new jersey bravo jacqueline laurita caroline manzo interview 'Real Housewives of NJ' Jacqueline Laurita: 'I always do what I want to do'Your family can be pretty opinionated. Was it really hard when the other housewives and your husband were pressuring you to end your friendship with Danielle?
They weren’t really pressuring me. Danielle and I had a previous conversation that we were to be ‘peaceful acquaintances.’ My husband wanted me to 100% cut her off, but my husband respected how I felt. I’d say hello if I see her. I may text her if something comes up about her daughter. I’d say congratulations. Something like that. But, I would not see her. I chose not to hang out with her. And that was all my choice, not because my family pressured me at all. My family knows how I am. They can say whatever they want to me, but I always end up doing what I want to do. People think I’m weak or I sell into what my family wants me to do. It wasn’t that. It was all my own experiences with Danielle and what I saw from her. So, the disagreement over your friendship with Danielle didn’t affect your relationships with the other housewives?
We’re still sitting there eating with each other. It’s not like it ruined our relationship. We’re still family. We have differences of opinion, you know? So, we’re not afraid to tell each other how we feel about it, you know? In the end, I always do what I want to do. “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Bravo Follow Zap2it and TheRealJethro on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. Photo credit: Bravo

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