real world portland averey johnny mtv 'Real World Portland' videos: Preview 'Sins of the Flesh (eaters)'

Love stinks for (almost) everybody in the next episode of “Real World Portland” on MTV. In Tuesday’s “Sins of the Flesh (eaters),” Jessica has problems in her relationship with Tyler, Averey and Johnny fight after a possible flirtation at the bar, and Marlon wrestles with his faith after a night of casual sex.

It’s all very dramatic. Preview the drama now with three video clips from the episode.

First up, Averey gets love advice over the phone, who is thinking of moving to Massachusetts to live with or near Johnny.

Granny is a smart woman, telling the girl not to move for a boy — especially since she has done it before.

How smart exactly are we talking about? Judging from this next video, Averey’s grandmother knows her all too well. And Averey might want to rethink this whole Johnny thing.

Seeing only this little clip, it is hard to decide whether Averey was indeed flirting or just chatting about Massachusetts with the guy. It’s much easier to tell that Johnny is being a jerk.

The non-love train keeps on rolling in the next video — this time, it’s Jessica getting dumped.

Seriously, this is a bad week for love in Portland. At least Nia is as perplexed by all the heartache as we are.

Will any of this relationship drama ease by the end of the episode? Are Averey and Johnny headed in a bad direction?

Whatever the case, audiences will see more of all of this when “Sins of the Flesh (eaters)” airs on Tuesday, May 29.

Posted by:Laurel Brown