Just because they aren’t on “The Real World” anymore doesn’t mean they can’t still create a little controversy. Ask Danny Roberts, one of the stars of “The Real World: New Orleans.” He appeared on “Watch What Happens: Live,” along with several other former cast members from various “Real World/Road Rules Challenge” seasons. When the question is posed about who slept with who during the “Challenge” seasons, everyone is quiet, except for Danny, who revealed he had a gay hookup with a fellow cast member.
He simply answered, “I can’t say because he’s straight and married now,” which surprised pretty much everyone on the panel. When asked if he hooked up with the guy in question more than once, Danny wouldn’t say anything else.
So now the quest for a name begins. Later in the show, Roberts admitted that he received a call from fellow “Real World” alum Trishelle Cannatella, who wasn’t too happy about the revelation because she also dated the guy in question.
Trishelle confirmed one person it’s definitely not on Twitter, writing that it wasn’t her fellow “Real World: Las Vegas” roommate Steven Hill. She also says that Roberts cheated on his boyfriend at the time of the hookup.

For now, it seems like the mystery continues. It shouldn’t take long for someone to crack the code, though.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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