At Reality Rocks 2011, the “American Idol” panel touched on a lot of different topics;  highlights can be found here. But we thought one subject that came up deserved to be singled out – the subject of blogs.

Moderator Shirley Halperin asked Season 9 contestants Didi Benami, Katie Stevens, Michael Lynche, Tim Urban and Paige Miles if they read the blogs (which they are advised not to do) and how it affected them.

Tim Urban, who blogs were not particularly kind to during their season, says, “You realize that the blogs are there just to pick apart your performance. They’re not there to say what you did well, they’re just there to point out what you did bad.”

We aren’t sure we totally agree with that assessment. When we recap the show here at Zap2it, we try to mention the good and the bad. As far as Tim Urban goes, we did criticize him quite often, but we also wrote really nice things, like on Elvis week when we wrote, “By far this effort was Tim’s best performance of the competition. He
managed to put a new spin on an oft-covered song. Tim sounded on pitch and current … Tim
finally turned in a (dare we say) great performance? He certainly did go
from ‘zero to hero,’ as Simon said.”

So perhaps it is that the Idols search out their press, but the only comments that stick with them are the negative ones? It’s an interesting discussion. Watch the videos and let us know what you think in the comments.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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