reality show gift guide Reality show fan holiday gift guide: Spy cams and moreHoliday shopping season is upon us and if
you’re like us, you are always looking for fun suggestions for loved
ones. For the special reality TV show fan in your life, here are some (funny) recommendations from Zap2it.

Gifts under $50

Two dozen red roses ($34.99 and up): Get your special sweetie a bouquet of red roses, but mete them out one at a time by making him or her complete various activities. Suggestions include the polar bear plunge, rappelling down a skyscraper and taking your loved one on a date with another person and making them compete for the rose.

Ketchup, butter and spaghetti (roughly $10): Get your “Honey Boo Boo” on and serve your family “sketti” for Christmas this year. You mix ketchup with melted butter — yes, that’s for real — and serve it over cooked spaghetti. Mmm mmm.

Stop-drop-and-roll (free): Kidnap the “Amazing Race” fan in your life under the guise of a “surprise,” then push him or her out of your car (slowing nearly to a stop, of course) out in the middle of nowhere with a list of tasks pinned to his or her shirt. Don’t let them back in the house until all the tasks are done! And people think you can’t have fun for free these days.

Gifts under $100

“Survivor: Borneo” two-pack of buffs ($55.99): No, they aren’t game-worn, but they are a collector’s edition season. Who wouldn’t want to spend over fifty dollars on some “Survivor” artifact replicas?

Cardboard cutout of Chris Harrison ($99): Get a custom-made stand-up of the “Bachelor” host and then use him to deliver all manner of news to your family, but in the voice Harrison always uses to say, “This is the final rose tonight.” It will spice up even the most mundane tasks.

Gifts over $100

Security camera system ($169.99): This system not only comes with a four-channel DVR, but it has night vision, motion activation and you can watch on your smart phone or computer! So, just set them up in an unsuspecting friend’s house (or better yet, house full of attractive strangers) and get your “Big Brother” on. They’ll laugh about it later.

Vintner’s reserve Sauvignon Blanc ($156): Get a case of the wine of your choice — we’re suggesting some Kendall Jackson vintner’s reserve Sauvignon Blanc — and round up your six closest girlfriends. Rent out two rooms at the local Holiday Inn (~$100 each) and get all dolled up, then take the hotel jacuzzi by storm with wine in tow. If you drink enough, the ridiculous fights won’t even have to be staged! You can be the “Real Housewives of Des Moines,” or wherever it is you live.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

TV critic by way of law school, Andrea Reiher enjoys everything from highbrow drama to clever comedy to the best reality TV has to offer. Her TV heroes include CJ Cregg, Spencer Hastings, Diane Lockhart, Juliet O'Hara and Buffy Summers. TV words to live by: "I'm a slayer, ask me how."