reality wanted awards Reality Wanted Awards 2013: Recognizing talent in reality televisionWhen it comes to major awards shows, reality television tends to be relegated to one or two categories, without recognition for much of the on-screen talent or those who work tirelessly behind the scenes. As reality TV becomes more and more pervasive, it’s only natural that the genre should get its own awards ceremony — and thus, the Reality Wanted Awards were born.

The event will take place Thursday, April 11 at 8 p.m. EST at Greystone Manor in Los Angeles, and reality TV fans can reserve free tickets to see their favorite stars in action. Production companies submitted their shows for consideration in all the major categories, and winners will be chosen by an academy of reality TV colleagues who are part of the We Work In Reality TV networking group.

The categories are listed below (as described by the Reality Wanted Awards team). Who do you think will win? For more information, check out

“BAD A**” CREW: Harsh weather conditions, long hours, extreme teamwork, and lots of energy drinks.

COMPETITION SHOW: This is the show that is laid-out months before the world even knows that the next season has been announced. All you need is the unsuspecting characters and away we go!

Shows based on “Real Life.” Everything is real in reality. Everything. We just throw up cameras and it happens. 😉

Shows that have seemed to just spawn off one another and had babies!

GAME SHOW: Does yours have the best games? Biggest winners? Or just the most entertaining losers?

GUILTY PLEASURE SHOW: Picture the man of the house watching his latest episode of Real Housewives and his girl walks in. He throws down the remote and walks away like the TV just turned itself on…
HOST/HOSTESS: Does America tune into your show because the host is so damn alluring? Have they made your show what it is today? Or do they simply have the most followers on Twitter?

JUDGING PANEL TEAM: The panel that was quirky, intriguing, and most importantly fun to watch.

NEW SHOW: Series premiered in 2012 and it freakin’ ROCKS!

OVERALL: The cream of the crop and that show that has everyone talking!

PERFORMANCE: This should be talent-based. Best competition moment (dance, song, nunchuck fight etc)

TALK SHOW: Whether it’s late night, daytime or early morning!

VILLAIN:  Are you the baddest b**** in town? or is he?

Favorite Overall Female Reality TV Personality

Favorite Overall Male Reality TV Personality

THE “HOLY S***” MOMENT: The moments that shocked you, the ones the made you cringe, the ones that made you update Facebook and tell the world!

DYNAMIC CAST: You had the absolute best casting team, and it showed! You wanted to drink with them, b*** with them, hit them or throw them in jail, but no matter what you couldn’t turn off the TV.

HEARTFELT MOMENT: Moments that are cuter than a puppy and make you tear up with joy!

You had millions of awesome reality shows this year, and not afraid to come out and say it!

UNIQUE CONCEPT:  Your development department drank too much coffee that day, but hey, it worked!

SORE LOSER (exit moment): “This is not the last you will see of me” kind of moment!

That soundtrack that gets stuck in your head, maybe even makes you dance around a little with excitement!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie