After a week off for Thanksgiving, Reaper returned with a fairly strong episode that only partially focused on an escaped soul. As a bonus, we also learned more about the private lives of Ben and the Devil.

The Supernatural Struggle:

Demon Sense of the Week – The devil gave Sam a list of the soul’s targets, and it turns out Ben’s grandmother has "The Eye," which allows her to predict the future and see evil spirits.
Vessel of the Week – Hair dryer
Soul of the Week – Dennis Grayson once ran a funeral home and sold body parts for profit before popping the corpses into the incinerator. He’s back in evil spirit form and is using the ashes of those he bilked to take a more solid form and kill the family members of the deceased.

Sam is miffed but a good sport once again when the devil sends him over to a house to perform handyman duties. It turns out that Mimi (Melinda Clarke from The O.C.) is dating Satan — she knows him as Jerry and met him at an art show — and is pretty sweet, which is why Sam feels sorry for her. She just waits and waits for Jerry to call her ever since their idyllic time in Cabo, but the devil isn’t as attentive as he could be.

In a different little slap is Ben not inviting Sock and Sam to his family’s party. You see, Ben’s grandmother is the matriarch, and if anything should go amiss (as it often does around these dudes) then Ben will be ostracized forever. So confident, suave Ben does have a weakness.

Back to the good fight. Once Sam and friends realize that the soul is after the ashes, they dream up a scheme with Workbench as a cover that allows them to steal the ashes and store them in ziploc bags. The only problem is, the devil insists that the soul is still going after the family of one of the listed people. Enter Ben’s grandmother, whom Sam asks for help at the party. Strangely enough, however, she stabs Sam in his palm with a fork and screams, "El diablo!" Thanks for the help.

It turns out the next target is Mimi’s mother’s ashes, and after a little struggle with a washing machine hose and wet/dry vac, they triumph for the time being. Unfortunately, Sock forgot to properly store all the baggied ashes, which are in his trunk. Oh, and Sam left the vessel at the party. As they eventually all convene back at the party, Sam gets the vessel just in time, reverses it (so it can intake the big ash monster emerging from the trunk), and saves the day. All this, and Ben finally gets the blessing of his abuelita, who witnessed the whole thing and now thinks he’s doing God’s work.

This episode was really heavy on the relationship stuff, with Sam’s situation with Andi mirrored and magnified with Mimi’s situation with Jerry. Mimi finally decides to leave the devil and start a new life in New Mexico, leaving her grown daughter Cady (Jessica Stroup) behind. Sam’s ready to move on from Andi’s ambivalence, but is disturbed by the fact that Cady just might be the devil’s love child. I guess that could put a damper on romance.


– Sock: "She’s acting like a dude. That’s so cool … except the part where she ripped your heart out and stomped on it. That was rude and lame."
– Sock giving Sam advice about persistence: "Like little waves of Sam breaking down the shores of Andi."
– The devil being jokey one moment and scary the next and vice versa: Stitching up Sam’s mouth or snapping his fingers and declaring Mimi dead.
– Sock to Mimi, who has been stood up: "You’re like a big plate of ‘Yes’ sitting right there."
– Mimi about Cady’s TMNT: "Donatello, her first boyfriend."
– Ben: "I never thought the devil had genitals." Sock: "What, like a Ken doll?"

Do you think the devil had feelings for Mimi? How do you feel about Sam and Cady? Other thoughts?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen