When does Hell go on a holiday? Well, in the Reaper-verse, it’s Halloween.

Spoilers or treat!

Soul of the Week: Barney Kirkwood, a serial killer known as The Butcher because he brought his victims to the slaughterhouse … It’s pretty straightforward.
Demon Sense of the Week: Sam doesn’t seem to get one this time around, although a cute dog named Spike, who was one of the Butcher’s torturers down in Hell is helping out.
Vessel of the Week: Meat thermometer

We also get a bonus soul at the beginning of the episode that Sam captures instantly. Leon (Patton Oswalt), who shot at President McKinley back in the day, was captured by the previous vessel, a snowglobe featuring a monkey. Unfortunately, since Hell is on holiday, DMV Gladys isn’t around to process the vessel, which means Leon is sticking around for a day. Sock is thrilled because even in snowglobe form, Leon talks, and the two team up to play pranks on Ted.

But here’s what’s more insidious: The Devil starts to make sense to Sam. First, elicits Sam’s sympathy by complaining about Halloween being the "commercialization of evil." Then he points out how humans are inherently untrustworthy: women always leave and friends betray. At first Sam scoffs at this gloomy outlook, but as Andi continues to give him the cold shoulder and Sock actually releases Leon from his vessel, the Devil just may be right. Except that he’s not.

Sock proves himself by refusing to leave Sam to a grisly fate, and Ben helps with the final showdown with Leon. And Andi? Well, as soon as Sam really and truly apologizes, she admits she’s been miserable not being friends as well. Awww.

The ending was pretty darn satisfying I must say. Not only does Sam turn down Satan’s offer of a night on the town, he informs him that he’s wrong about humanity and even catches the devil in a lie. Grasshopper is learning.

Other highlights:

– All the costumes: Ted as Jack Sparrow, a Spartan  But my favorite is a miserable-looking Sam wearing a huge jack o’ lantern outfit complete with orange cap and green tights.
– The shout out to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series with Leon’s gun-hand attachment
– Leon’s psychobabble about breastfeeding, journaling, etc. and how it was his downfall when Sam turned it on him.
– Devil to Sam, naked from the shower: "It all looks like raw meat to me."
– Devil: "[Humans are] the most unreliable creatures on this earth … except for bears."
– One of Sock’s pet peeves about Sam: He wears "mandals"

Your thoughts on this Halloween-themed episode? Your thoughts on humanity and evil?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen