Okay, I admit that I was really hungry while I was watching Reaper, and the creepy bugs couldn’t even put me off my feed. So, forgive me if I’m a bit distracted.

Spoilers swarming ahead.

Did I ever mention that as a kid I wanted to be an entomologist? Well, I got over that, but the insect theme on Tuesday’s episode (Oct. 9) was still interesting, although I’m still waiting for Andi to get to do something, anything, interesting.

After a series of bug-related human deaths (shown in jazzy viewfinder format), the Devil comes a-knocking with his dusty vessel box for Sam to capture the latest escaped soul. After a red herring (mmmm, herring), it turns out that it’s to Gloria, a mistress who had an affair with a guy named Harold Bunsen when she was alive.

She’s back, and doesn’t want anyone to come between her buggy-mosaic body and the man she loves. So whenever Harold talks to someone female, she sends her little minions to attack and kill the unfortunate ladies.

Meanwhile, after attending a lecture by a lowland gorilla expert, Andi is curious about college again, especially since some dude named Greg is keen on her returning full time. Mr. Pink Pinstriped Shirt thinks that she could be "so much more" than a Work Bench employee. Well, yeah, but that’s the whole point of her being there. She’s there for Sam, who, on this odd little journey the Devil has set out for him, will eventually realize that he too could be so much more. Or am I reading way too much into this show?

The Vessel o’ the Week is a broken toaster, which Sam’s pal Ben fixes. After a brief, uncharacteristic bout of fear, Sock decides he can overcome the bugs and help out Sam after all. Of course, this makes him the prime target when he accidentally stumbles across Gloria and tries to hit on her. Harold arrives on the scene and demands that Gloria stop because, well, he never loved her anyway. Not a smart move to tell an angry soul with a bee-allergic Sock by the throat and homicidal invertebrates at her command.

In the end, the guys realize that the toaster they fixed was meant to be broken to work, so Sam uses the ol’ hanger in the toaster slot trick (kids, don’t try this at home or really anywhere). And in a move worthy of Peter Venkman, Sam slides the kitchen appliance along the floor to capture Gloria, who is doing that really creepy bees-streaming-from-the-mouth thing.

Oh, and Andi isn’t going back to classes in a bid for college because the school is closed for an asbestos tip — an anonymous call that was made by the Devil. So, once again, Satan has done Sam another solid. What kind of altruistic game is he playing here anyway?

Some Sock highlights:

Sock feeding Sam like a baby bird
– Josie’s nickname for Sock’s "junk" is Grumpy
– Sock yelling, "Die, toaster, die!" and beating it — the toaster.
– "Everybody just calls me Sock because I just feel like a glove, you know?"

What did you think about this episode? Is it feeling a bit too formulaic to you?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen