reaper fearnet reruns bret harrison ray wise cw 'Reaper' reruns will air on FEARnet this summer

“Reaper” will come back from the grave this summer.

Cable network FEARnet has licensed the devil-themed comedy-drama in order to air the 31 episodes produced in the show’s two-season run on The CW. In addition, FEARnet will produce and air a reunion special featuring several of the actors and crew involved with the show.

As first reported by Deadline, the basis of pick-up — FEARnet’s first off-network deal — is the rather rabid community of fans devoted to “Reaper.” Those fans are still out there nearly four years after The CW canceled the show in 2009.

“Many ‘Reaper’ viewers feel the show left too early, so we hope that they will enjoy our plans for the series and our ‘Reaper’ reunion special,” FEARnet VP of programming and network operations Sarah Shannon said in a statement.

Following its FEARnet debut on June 4, “Reaper” will air Tuesdays at 9pm on the channel, part of a horror-themed “Twisted Comedy Block.” There is no date yet for the reunion special, but cast members Bret Harrison, Ray Wise and Tyler Labine are set to return.

The bizarrely comedic world of “Reaper” focused on Sam Oliver (Harrison), a slacker who finds out on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the Devil (Wise). Because of this, Sam and his friends are forced to chase down and capture escaped souls from Hell — often using common household items like a vacuum cleaner or an ugly sweater.

Posted by:Laurel Brown