Now what I’m going to say might sound at first like a negative, but trust me, it’s a positive: I wish there wasn’t another episode of Reaper this season. That might sound like I don’t like the show as a whole, didn’t like this episode in particular, or just am ready to enter a Tuesday night bowling league. But none of those things are true: I enjoy the show, loved this episode, and am absolutely horrible at bowling.

But this episode would have made a fantastic season-ending episode. All the major plots of the season were represented, one major epiphany was achieved, and a major new story arc was teased. While watching, I had to actually check online and make sure this in fact was not the season finale. Everything about it screamed, "We’re wrapping up things for the time being." And yet, clearly, there are episodes left to go. A good thing in general? Yes. A good thing in terms of overall plotting? The jury’s still out.

Let’s start with the epiphany: Andi finally learning Sam’s secret.  This is something most people would call a "big deal." Something normally reserved for epochal episodes. Something not normally doled out in the middle of a season. I give credit to the show for not dragging the whole "Andi never quite figures out Sam’s dual life" thing longer than it has, because sooner rather than later it would have made Andi irredeemably dumb and not worth our sympathy. I just didn’t picture it happening until the very end of the season, that’s all.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised: things happen pretty fast on Reaper. Take the whole "Tony rising from the ashes to wreak his vengeance upon Sam" plotline. That story arc lasted approximately 134 seconds, so near as I can tell. So maybe I shouldn’t have long-term hopes for this newest plotline whereby Sam cashes in his favor to the devil by spying on Tony’s rebuilding efforts to overthrow the Devil.

However, this show has shown, on occasion, an ability to plot beyond one episode. I for one am keenly interested in learning the specifics concerning Sam’s contract with the Devil. Early episodes hinted a dark mystery surrounding not only Sam’s parents, but Andi’s mother, as well. I thought perhaps Andi’s use of the Scythe of Awesome hinted at a further connection to the Devil, but I’m more than likely reading too much into the situation. (If any of you can remember any other vessel used successfully by anyone other than Sam, please let me know in the comments below!)

It wasn’t all mythology, plot twists, and future story setup this week, however. It was also "The Week of Actresses I Love On Other Shows Collecting Much Needed Paychecks" as well, what with Dawn Tinsley and Anastasia Dualla showing up to tease/torment a lovelorn Ben. I love the original version of The Office, and stay in most Friday nights to watch Battlestar: Galactica (much to the chagrin of my wife), so it was nice to see them appear on my television screen. Here’s hoping they are permanent fixtures on the show versus one-off appearances, as there’s no such thing as "too much Ben" in my book.

Tossed liberally into all of this were some of the funniest lines uttered on the show in some time. Tonight’s episode had me laughing out loud more than it had in months. Top four lines:

  1. "I have a four foot vertical leap."
  2. "You need to find your own Phil Collins."
  3. "Hey…Hi…I brought you a juice box!"
  4. "We’d like to see you happy making someone else miserable."

All in all, as solid an episode as you can hope for. It felt more like a season finale than a normal episode, but how can you quibble with more episodes of Reaper? Let’s just hope the remaining episodes live up to this one.

What did you think about Andi discovering Sam’s secret? Are the Tony-centric plots moving too quickly or at the right speed? Will Sam’s contract issues reappear before the end of the season?

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Posted by:Ryan McGee