rear window broadway tim guinee 'Rear Window' is headed to Broadway from 'Bring It On: The Musical' producer

“Rear Window” is getting a Broadway makeover. 

To be clear, this won’t be an adaptation of Hitchcock’s “Rear Window.” Producer Charlie Lyons, director Jay Russell and “Homeland” actor Tim Guinee announced this morning that they purchased the rights to Cornel Woolrich’s short story “Rear Window,” that was originally called “It Had To Be Murder.” Deadline has the news, saying that some major elements of Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” will be absent from the stage version; namely, there’s no girlfriend and no sassy maid.

Alfred Hitchcock is a hot commodity right now between the HBO movie “The Girl” and the Anthony Hopkins-starring feature film “Hitchcock,” so it seems like there’s no better time to bring the story that inspired one of his most famous films to the stage.

The basic “Rear Window” story will remain the same: A man who can’t leave his apartment sees what he think is a murder through his apartment’s rear window. It will be interesting to see how Lyons, who did a great job with “Bring It On: The Musical,” will translate “Rear Window” for Broadway.

“This is a tremendously exciting project,” Lyons says in a statement. “We are assembling a world-class team of artists to bring this timeless thriller to the stage.”

Russell adds, “Woolrich’s story is deliciously dark and edgy and our plan is to make it brand new all over again.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz