reba mcentire gi Reba McEntire lives! She's just the latest celeb death hoax victimCountry singer/actress Reba McEntire is making news today for not dying. Well known death hoax site and Internet scourge Global Associated News posted an item alleging McEntire had died in a 100-foot fall from a mountain while filming a movie in the country.

Although the site has a pretty prominent disclaimer displayed at the bottom of the page, the link still caused a furor — and had fans flooding McEntire’s Facebook page with prayers and weepy comments.

Global Associated News is responsible for most of the fake celebrity death rumors circulating on the Internet, according to E! Online. Previous “stories” from the site include reports of Jeff Goldblum falling off a cliff in New Zealand and Adam Sandler, Charlie Sheen, Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson all — in separate reports — dying in Swiss snowboarding mishaps.

Pranksters can actually generate a fake death story by going to the Fake a Wish site and plugging the celebrity’s name into a story generator.

On Thursday (Jan. 26), singer/actress Cher was also rumored to be dead — but in her case the false news started as an “RIP Cher” tweet.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson