rebecca black leno Rebecca Black mall tour: It's all a vicious hoaxIt turns out that we, along with the New York Times and several other media outlets, were duped into passing along bogus information. Tween Internet sensation Rebecca Black is not — we repeat, NOT — gearing up for a mall tour. At least not the one we wrote about last Friday (March 18).

A poster circulating around the Web branded with Black’s label, Ark Music Factory, listed 17 upcoming shows that would take the “Friday” singer from Los Angeles to New York with scads of stops in between.

Just one problem: Calls to two of the supposed venues revealed that Black is not actually scheduled to make appearances outside their Sephoras or even in their food courts.

Robbie Stark, the general manager of Virginia’s Fair Oaks Mall said they had received a few calls asking about Black’s pending performance, but that it was a “hoax.” A representative for Los Angeles’ Hollywood & Highland Center — home of the Kodak Theater — also confirmed that no Rebecca Black event has been scheduled “at this time.”

There’s also no mention of any live performances for Black on Ark Music Factory’s official website. We’ve got an email out to the company to find out if Black plans any live performances. She may need to come up with a fuller roster of songs (for instance, “Monday,” “Tuesday,” etc.) before hitting the road.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson