rebecca black bieber bracel Rebecca Black pregnant? Absolutely notWe’re not shy about our distaste for rich 13-year-olds who use their parents money to create terrible music videos, thus becoming YouTube sensations overnight.

Regardless, it is so not cool when the rumor mill churns out stories that said youngin’ is with child. Gross.
]]>Rebecca Black was pregnant. The post has since been deleted, but not before Salon managed to snag a screenshot. Black fittingly addresses the rumor on Twitter, “I thought it was May 15th… not April Fools Day. I’m absolutely NOT pregnant,” she writes. Thank goodness. We are so not okay with these ridiculous untruths being spread, but would still be perfectly content to watch her shrink back to obscurity and live the life of an average teen. Sans baby, of course.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci