rebecca black tonight show Rebecca Black's next single, 'My Moment,' drops July 18Get ready/consider yourself warned: Rebecca Black will release a follow-up single and video to “Friday” next week.

The song is called “My Moment” and will go live on the 14-year-old’s YouTube channel and official site at 8 p.m. ET Monday, July 18. You’ll be able to buy it on iTunes and other online outlets the following day.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the video will show Black attending movie premieres, getting an award at her school and other snapshots from her sudden rise to fame since “Friday” became a viral smash earlier in the year. She’s also self-releasing a five-song EP in August.

The “Friday” video became the most played (and arguably the most reviled) YouTube video of all time with 167 million views before Black filed a copyright claim and had it removed last month. Unofficial copies remain online.

Are you psyched? Can anything top “Friday”?

Posted by:Rick Porter