Everyone was wondering where bebe spokesmodel Mischa "Slouchy" Barton was Sunday night and why she wasn’t at the Collection bebe runway show and why Rebecca Romijn was so up front and center sitting in the front row and making nice backstage with the designer and founder. Here’s what happened..


Seems Mischa is out and Rebecca is in.
"Rebecca is very much like Mystique, the action character she has portrayed in the blockbuster X-MEN franchise,” raves Manny Mashouf, bebe founder and chairman. “She is fearless and self confident and these are qualities that resonate with women today.”

bebe spokespeeps feel she embodies key attributes of the bebe brand – sensuality, sophistication and effortless beauty. She certainly has a lot more strength and physical presence than wilting violet Barton, who could stand to hit the gym more often. The Summer 2007 campaign featuring Rebecca will launch in mid-April. Not a bad gig for Romijn, not that she really needs one. The "X-Men" star is on the rise with a recurring role on the hit series "Ugly Betty." But don’t feel sorry for Mischa. I have a feeling she’ll land on her fashionable feet. She showed up at Donatella Versace’s recent Beverly Hills bash and also hit Giorgio Armani‘s pre-Oscar party.


Photo Credits: Meet David Cardona’s new muse
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Photo Credits: Mischa looks happy to be hanging with  Mr. A.
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead