rebel wilson critics choice judd apatow genius award Rebel Wilson awards Judd Apatow the Genius Award at the Critics' Choice Awards 2013Judd Apatow was awarded the Genius Award at the 2013 Movie Critics’ Choice Awards. There to introduce his award was Rebel Wilson, in a rather funny bit. She came out and read an intro off a piece of paper:

Critics’ Choice Louis the XIII Genius Award speech, written by Judd Apatow. But don’t say it’s written by Judd …. OK. Maybe I wrote this. World cinema would not be what it is today without the God-like genius that is Judd Apatow. Hold for standing ovation…. Oh no, please sit. We all recognize Judd’s unparalleled contribution to comedy. If the greatest comedian of all-time, Charlie Chaplin, was alive today, even he would say [mimes Chaplin moves, kind of]. Then at this point the fat girl should shut up and show the clip.

It was a lot funnier live than we can convey here, so we’ll post video as soon as we have it. Meanwhile, Apatow took to the stage to accept his Genius Award and made sure to point all the men he “beat out” for it.

“Spielberg, you did not win tonight. Tommy Lee Jones, you lost. Tom Hooper, stop sulking. Ang Lee, you have another year … Is Daniel Day-Lewis here? There he is. I beat you, too.”

Heh. Rebel Wilson and Judd Apatow should host something.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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