Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence actually has a twin sister? Well, she doesn’t, but in a hilarious sketch that was supposed to air during the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, host Rebel Wilson pretends to be the “Hunger Games” star’s sister Katherine.

The video was set up as an episode of “True Life” called “My Sister’s Famous,” and shows the “other” Lawrence’s life at home in Louisville, Ky. “We were actually born twins,” Wilson deadpans. “Identical twins. We are identical in every way except for how we look or how we act.”

“I love my sister very, very much. I do,” Wilson adds. “I mean, if she wanted a kidney, I’d be like, ‘No.’ I mean you can have some of my boob meat. Unless she said,’ Bradley Cooper would have sex with you if you give me a kidney.’ That could be a deal we could make.”

Do you think this clip should have made it into the Movie Awards?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz