felicia day red werewolf hunter 320 'Red: Werewolf Hunter': Felicia Day talks 'Buffy,' sexy vampires and 'Sharktopus'Felicia Day has gone from battling vampires on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to their hairier foes on Syfy’s “Red: Werewolf Hunter.”

The Syfy original movie that premieres Saturday (Oct. 30) in time to warm up fans for Halloween centers on Virginia Sullivan, aka Red, who comes from a long line of werewolf hunters beginning with the legendary Red Riding Hood.

“I’ve left my family to sort of find myself outside of the obligation of werewolf hunting,” Day tells the press. “And I’m bringing my fiancee [Nathan played by Kavan Smith] back to introduce to my family hoping that I will be able to get permission to tell him this secret part of my life. He gets bitten and it’s sort of a struggle to try to save everything I want would love in the movie.”

Although she could see how some would find similarities between Red and her “Buffy” character Vi, Day thinks the stories diverge.

“I think it’s interesting because in ‘Buffy,’ Vi was chosen to be a slayer and kind of found herself in being chosen,” muses Day. “I think [‘Red’ is] actually almost the opposite. It’s taking that idea of being chosen and showing the dark side of it really in this movie because my character Red does not feel settled with the idea of being trapped by destiny in a sense.

“She was chosen before birth because the family is obligated to fight werewolves but it’s not something that she definitely — she wanted for herself. She didn’t want that to be her only aspect or to trap her into not living her life fully. So yeah, I feel like it’s almost the opposite of Vi.”

red werewolf hunter 250 'Red: Werewolf Hunter': Felicia Day talks 'Buffy,' sexy vampires and 'Sharktopus'During filming, Day worked out daily and was able to use an array of weapons ranging from a harpoon to a gun, which she trained on with her father.

“I actually had my dad take me to the shooting range for the first time,” she reveals. “He’s been bugging me like a decade to go shooting with him because we’re from Texas. And when I called him up he was like, ‘Oh this is the best father-daughter moment I could ask for.'”

The physical aspect was definitely a challenge considering Day’s favorite activities are writing and playing video games for hours on end.

“I had bruises all over my body all the time but no injuries because I did work out a lot,” she explains. “So I went to my gym and I took like old lady weightlifting classes and like little cheerleader girls would go, ‘Lift and lift’ and they would play like ‘Pump It Up.’ And you know what, it got me in shape so I can’t complain about it.”

Now that she’s had experience with both vampires and werewolves, Day is more than happy to weigh in on which supernatural being is sexier.

“Well from a dating standpoint I think vampires because the whole hair thing doesn’t work for me,” she says. “Yeah I like the genteel vampire is definitely one that I’m a fan of. I definitely am a fan of Jean Claude from the early Anita Blake novels. I feel like he was kind of the paragon of that in the early ones like 1 through 5.”

Day is open to playing Red again should there be a sequel and hopes it appeals to Syfy viewers who are fans of the Saturday original movies, like the much ballyhooed “Sharktopus.”

“It would be nice to at least equal ‘Sharktopus,”” she says, adding, “And I feel like I could probably stab Sharktopus myself because I trained really hard. So if we were in a tussle together, I don’t want to bet, but at least I’d put up a good fight.”

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen