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greg-gutfeld-fox-news.jpgOn Monday, July 11, the host of Fox News Channel’s “RedEye W/Greg Gutfeld” begins his second regular gig as part of the roundtable of FNC personalities on “The Five,” the cablenet’s summer replacement for “The Glenn Beck Show.”

Click here for a Zap2it story I did with Gutfeld about his new job.

But that’s not the only exciting element in the world of “RedEye,” FNC’s pop-culture/news roundtable free-for-all that airs nightly at 3 a.m. ET.

Over the July 4 weekend, regular “RedEye” guest Thaddeus McCotter, a GOP congressman from Michigan, announced his candidacy for his party’s nomination for the presidential race in 2012. Click here for my rundown on that (which includes link to a “RedEye” clip from earlier in the year of Gutfeld urging McCotter to run, and a clip of McCotter’s announcement speech).

“Yeah, I know,” says Gutfeld. “Pretty exciting, huh? I wonder how that’s going to go. He’s an interesting character. I thought he’d be an interesting voice to hear in the campaign. I just really wanted to see him in debates, that’s all. It would be highly entertaining.

“But he’ll have to rely on his acidic wit. If he doesn’t use that, it’s like showing up at a gunfight and keeping your gun in the holster. That’s what he’s got going for him.

“He has to be unafraid to quip.”

Asked if he has any expectations of a role in a McCotter administration were the congressman to be elected, Gutfeld says, “None whatsoever. I’m very happy here.”

Below is a sample of McCotter on “RedEye” …

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