Today’s cuppa: hot chocolate (it’s a tiny bit chilly and a wee bit sprinkly in L.A. Don’t judge me.)

RedEye-Greg-Gutfeld-Andy-Levy.jpgWhen he’s not ombudsing on FNC’s overnight pop-culture/politics roundtable “RedEye W/Greg Gutfeld,” watching NASCAR or feeding cats Pixel and Stormy, Andy Levy (at left above) watches TV just like the rest of us.

So, just in case you want your DVR playlist to look just like Levy’s, here’s what he loves and why, in his own words:

“Doctor Who”: A show I’d never seen until a couple of years ago, when some friends told me I’d probably love it. They were right: I marathoned the first five seasons (and specials) in about a month-and-a-half, finishing literally the night before season 6 began.

“Community”: Some of the funniest and most creative stuff on television, and the rare comedy that’s often better on the second viewing. Last season’s “Remedial Chaos Theory” episode (written by the great Chris McKenna) is among the best single sitcom eps ever.

“Breaking Bad”: Oh, what a shock, I love “Breaking Bad.” Another show I’d somehow never watched until a friend basically forced me to by getting me the Blu-Rays of the first two seasons last year. Ripped through those and the next two seasons in a couple of months then had to sit around waiting for season five.

“Homeland”: I’ll put season one of this show against any season of television ever. Season two isn’t quite as good (so far), but still much, much better than the majority of stuff out there.

“Modern Family”: I suppose after four seasons it doesn’t seem as inventive anymore, but that’s okay: still some great writing and acting, and still makes me laugh ever week.

“The League”: A demented comedy that sometimes makes me cringe, in a good way.

“Children’s Hospital” and “Delocated”: Two warped Adult Swim shows from some of the best minds in comedy.

“Girls”: A show I at first didn’t like, but which grew on me as the characters became more well-rounded and some of them even became sympathetic. By the end of the first season I ended up really liking where it was going.

“Game of Thrones”: Fantasy isn’t usually my thing, but “GoT” is so good it got me sucked into reading the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ books on which it’s based. I just hope the later years of the show are better than the last couple of books.

“Downton Abbey”: Not usually my thing, but loved the first season. The second season turned into a fairly silly soap opera, but was redeemed at the end by a great Christmas episode.

And, of course, “NFL RedZone” is the greatest thing ever invented.

We used to see Levy tweet a great deal about “White Collar” at @andylevy — and there was even a possible shout-out to him on the show in 2011, with his name attached to high-priced sunglasses — but it’s mysteriously missing from this list. Not sure what to think about that.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare