Redmond_ONeal_Booking_Photo_080211.jpgThe troubled life of Redmond O’Neal added another chapter Tuesday (Aug. 2) when the 26-year-old was arrested and charged with narcotics possession.

According to police, the son of Oscar-nominated actor Ryan O’Neal and the late actress Farrah Fawcett was pulled over in Santa Monica after running a red light. It is then the police found heroin inside O’Neal’s car and arrested him, according to KTLA.

O’Neal has a history of substance abuse problems including a 2008 arrest in which both he and father Ryan were charged with methamphetamine possession.

Because Redmond O’Neal is currently on felony probation for a previous drug charge, he is ineligible for bail. His court hearing is scheduled for Thursday (August 4).

Posted by:David Eckstein