As is often the case, the persistent rumors of a Hollywood split are spot on. 
The Dish Rag will call them ‘trumors.’
Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are no longer down on the farm. Although there has been — and probably will never be — an official confirmation from their camps.

It’s been reported on various celebrity news and gossip sites that the relationship ended amicably.
it was hard to believe since Reese bragged in October to InStyle that
she and Jake spent weekends together at her farmhouse in Ojai where
they had chickens, and grew tomatoes and cucumbers and Jake talked gushingly about learning so much from the kids in his life.


Now we hear that they did end their relationship a few weeks ago.  Sounds like these two ended their relationship as quietly and privately as they began it, on the set of “Rendition.”
One reason for the deafening silence from their reps may be to protect their kids from the finality. 
The kids already had to deal with the divorce between their dad Ryan Phillippe and their mom after his dalliance with then co-star Abby Cornish.
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