reese witherspoon lincoln center gi Reese Witherspoon in 'Sweet Home Alabama': Would you give this woman an Oscar?
Leading up to the 2015 Academy Awards, Zap2it is taking a closer look at some of the acting nominees’ earlier work — ones that were maybe not as awards-worthy as the roles for which they’re currently nominated. We ask you: Based on what you’re about to see, would you give this person an Oscar?

Reese Witherspoon has spent many years of her acting career floating around from one iconic romantic comedy to the next, but, just in time for the 87th Academy Awards, her leading role in “Wild” once again proves she’s got the chops for meatier films.

Although she has received accolades from other films — don’t forget she won an Oscar for her performance in “Walk the Line” — her name can never be removed from classic treasures such as “Legally Blonde,” “Just Like Heaven” and, most importantly, “Sweet Home Alabama.” Because while she is able to beautifully play a troubled woman who treks across 1,100 miles of land in “Wild,” she also knows how to pull at fans’ heartstrings in films where the guy always gets the girl.

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In “Sweet Home Alabama” she successfully proves why she’s one of the best leading women in rom-coms — that accent definitely helps — but it’s obvious that she would only be getting an Oscar for her role as Melanie Smooter if the awards show had a romantic comedy section. She’s good, but not Academy Award good.

Take a look at the below clip and ask yourself: Based on her performance in “Sweet Home Alabama,” did you ever think Witherspoon would end up with an Oscar nomination?

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