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As can be seen in the clip from “Grimm” that Zap2it debuted exclusively, Reggie Lee‘s Sergeant Wu gets to come to the forefront of tonight’s episode, “Nameless.” Thanks to his knowledge of fantasy novels and video games, Wu is able to help David Giuntoli‘s Nick and Russell Hornsby‘s Hank stop a serial killer who is targeting employees a video game company.

In anticipation of “Nameless,” Zap2it caught up with Lee to talk about what’s next for Wu this season. It turns out that Wu’s involvement in “Nameless” is indicative of his larger role in the latter half of Season 2, with future episodes being dedicated to thinks like meeting Wu’s family and finding out what his first name is. Here’s what Lee teased for his characters:

Zap2it: Were you excited by Wu’s larger role in “Nameless”?
Reggie Lee: Yeah, he finally gets to do a little something something here. Through this season, I think the mythology has really taken shape. It’s really gotten into that so much that [the producers] warned me — because there were some episodes coming up that were like Wu-centric … I think that they had teased me all along that there were going to be some about Wu, it’s kind of been sidelined a little bit because of the mythology.

Kudos to the creators, they were like, “Just so you know, this is what’s going on because we kind of wrote ourselves into a hole, into a corner rather, we’re having to finish up the mythology stuff. And so all the stuff that we had planned for you is going to have to be pushed off. It’s gonna come. It’s gonna come. It’s coming, but we’re having to finish this stuff up, so just so you know, here’s what’s going on.” Fans were kind like wondering, and I don’t know what to say. Usually it’s just like I say, “It’s coming up,” which it is.

So there is more Wu to come?
There is more Wu to come. [laughs] Woo!

He seems like such a sad guy. He has that sad line we saw in the clip for this episode where he’s like, “I spend my life gaming, just me and my cat.”
[laughs] Oh my gosh. “My life consists mostly of my cat and my video games, that’s it.” Womp womp. I know, it was like wow. I think it’s kind of funny though. You’re going find out definitely — I don’t know if it’s going to be this season or possibly the next season — you’re going to find out more about his family. That’s coming up. I think I’ve heard things like, “You’re going to find out his first name.”

I thought it was “Sergeant.”
I know! It is, according to my Twitter. That is my first name. It’s funny because I think there was at one point they were teasing like NBC was going to do a contest. Like, “Give us your best first Wu name.” I was always for “Lou.” I was always for Lou Wu, and then one of the writers was like, “No, I always thought Archibald!” Archibald. Archie Wu. That sounds good.

They’re teasing — the writers are teasing me now — that it’s going to be a story plot coming up. He definitely is in more of the action this second part of Season 2. We’re staying very optimistic about a Season 3. We’re hoping for it.

I think a renewal is pretty much assumed right now.
I think [‘Grimm’ has] become one of the stalwart shows for NBC. Along with like “Law & Order” and that kind of stuff, it’s become one of their go-to shows that kind of gets the same ratings and holds its ratings week to week. We’ve kind of gotten a cult following, which has been really great. Fridays, it’s a tough time slot, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think all of us, if you surveyed the cast, I think we’d be like, “Uh, keep us on Fridays.” It’s known as like the sci-fi night.

A lot of people come to us and go, “Oh man, your show is like our family night. We stay home at night and watch it. We don’t DVR it, we stay home at night and watch it,” and that’s great.

What response to you usually get from fans?
I’ve heard things, “[Wu’s] such an underused character,” blah blah whatever, I think that with it has come a slow burn. I think if they burned it all in Season 2, they would have nothing to go to. There’s a lot more to come with the characters and the knowledge of being able to morph and the whole Wesen world and all that stuff. It would be so lopsided if all the characters knew all at once.

I’m not going to tell you that I don’t get jealous, that I don’t go, “Hello. I’m over here. I can’t be stupid. I’m not stupid. I know you’re looking at something over there. Why are you staring at that person for so long?” Wu is a pretty sharp character. I think somewhere along the line he’s going to clue in.

He’s already shown in the clip we debuted that he’s knowledgeable about these fantasy worlds and this whole supernatural mythology even if he doesn’t know it’s going on around him. Do you think that might be how he gets clued off, or do you think someone will have to tell him?
You’re smart, because that’s how I always played it off. He loves the fantasy world, he loves the gaming world. There is no way he doesn’t think that something is going on because I think, in my mind, that those things can be real. I think already in Wu’s mind that those things can be real. It’s interesting because I’ve gotten a lot of tweets saying, “Of anyone, I would want to see his reaction when he finds out about all this stuff,” because I think it would be a funny reaction. I think this show brings on the funny a little bit.

Do you think it’s an inevitability that Wu is going to find out?
I don’t think that there’s any way that he could not find out. Don’t you? I mean, I think he has to be clued in in some regard somewhere down the line. Even if it’s not the whole thing, he’s got to be clued in. I think that that’s coming up. I’m hoping it’s coming up.

Are you going to have a hand in crafting Wu’s storyline going forward?
They’ve kind of already clued me in on some of that, so I definitely wasn’t privy to those initial conversations. But what they’re really great about is they said, “Reggie, will you let us know if there are any good Filipino and/or Chinese fairytales. I was like, “Oh hell yeah, so here’s a list of the most popular ones.” They’re really great about that. They were like, “Okay, because we would like to incorporate this into your storyline and into the character.” I can tell you that that’s happening. I don’t know which ones they’re using.

Is there anything else you want to tease about what’s coming up?
All I can say is that he’s definitely put in some danger. That’s all I can say, but you’ll see how it will all work out. But he is definitely more involved in the crime solving with Hank and Nick, more so than he has ever been.

“Grimm” airs Fridays on NBC at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz