reign fated midseason finale 'Reign': Adelaide Kane on Mary and Francis sexy times, a wedding and Olivia hateAccording to Adelaide Kane, some major stuff is going to go down in the fall finale of “Reign” on Thursday (Dec. 12). “Oh, you have no idea,” she tells Zap2it of “Fated.” “There’s going to be death, despair, manipulation as per us, a little but of romance. There might be a little bit of sexy times, but whose sexy times it is remains to be seen. It’s a really intense episode. A lot happens.”

Yep, just another day in the royal court. Here’s what else Kane had to say about the episode, which will see Nostradamus telling Mary of his prophecy, changing her relationship with Francis, and more developments with the Bash, Diane, and Catherine situation.

Zap2it: What’s happening between Mary and Francis?

Kane: Well, as you know Mary and Francis have been very back and forth. The last episode had that will/they won’t they fade to black with just me and Toby [Regbo] mad making out on a bed. That will be resolved. You’ll find out whether or not they went all the way or whether they could curb their adolescent desires. Virginity is a huge thing, and he’s been very respectful of her body and her position, so we’ll see. We’ll definitely get a resolution on that early on in the next episode.

Is his ultimatum that they should see other people out the window now that they have feelings for one another?

Yeah, I would say so. He’s committed. He wants to be with her. They’ll try and find a way to make it work, I think. He’s finally willing to give her the love and attention and commitment she’s been longing for.

Will there be a wedding?

We are getting married this season — there is going to be a wedding — but just because they get married doesn’t mean they’re going to be happily married. A lot of fans are like “Well, it’s end game, they’re definitely going to get married,” but not all marriages are happy. And very few political messages were ever happy. There are characters that will potentially complicate their marriage and relationship. Just look forward to the drama!

We’re here for those sucker-punches.

Exactly. If this episode doesn’t have you in tears or screaming at your screen at some point then we’re not doing our job.

What’s the deal with Bash?

Bash has been a very faithful brother, a very faithful family member, but Bash is infinitely more complicated with finding out about the prophecy and beginning to believe in it as well, in addition to just learning about the damn thing. Will he will remain loyal to his family and his father? Does he throw caution to the wind and try to claim Mary as his own, or does he continue to support his brother and the monarchy and give Mary up to be just a friend?

Will Olivia be back?

We don’t know what happens to Olivia, we don’t know where she went, what happened. Yael [Grobglas], who plays Olivia, is coming back for a few episodes. Olivia does disappear and when she comes back there’s the question of where has she been, what has she been doing? She comes back and she’s been quite traumatized. That’s kind of spoilerific! It’s a question of where she’s been and what that will mean for Mary and Francis. It’s very out of sight out of mind at the moment.

The fans are tough on her.
Her life was very difficult. I can’t even imagine a woman in her position. Yael and her character have gotten a lot of fan hate on Twitter, which I think is inappropriate! She’s just trying to make her way in this world as a ruined woman. She’s trying to salvage what she can. In that society, having a ruined reputation would just destroy your future. It’s not fair that she’d be vilified for falling in love with a young man and exploring their passion. I have a lot of sympathy for that character and I think she’s very understandable and very flawed and very complicated. I would like fans to stop hating on Yael because she’s a great actress and a wonderful human being! It’s just not fair. She and I get along like a house on fire. She’s awesome. Stop it!

“Reign” airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. It returns with new episodes on Jan. 23, 2014.

Posted by:Jean Bentley